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Check Yourself

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The New York Times gives us this gem:

ISTANBUL — The Pentagon quietly announced last month that the U.S. military is leaving the air base it has operated in Kyrgyzstan as a staging area for American troops and matériel since 2001. While the move will complicate American efforts to wind down the war in Afghanistan, the decision has much broader ramifications: It marks the end of a brief experiment to extend American power and influence into the distant strategic arena of Central Asia

The move to Romania is suggestive, too, of a strategic retreat Westward. The edge of the Black Sea is the farthest east that NATO has been able to advance. Romania and Bulgaria are both members of the European Union and the Atlantic alliance. The future of the countries farther east on the Black Sea, notably Ukraine and Georgia, may still be up for grabs. But Central Asia now appears to have been a bridge too far.
U.S. Checked in Central Asia: By JOSHUA KUCERA

Oh Joshie my boy. I suspect that it’s not doom and gloom so much as the MSM is on the other side, to borrow a line from Professor Reynolds.

Ever since the 1960’s there has been the drumbeat of “America shouldn’t intervene”, “America should make peace” etc. From leftist profs. who were Soviet stooges to “peace movements” that hate America, the left wants so see the US recede from the world.

So with the current administration playing into Iraq and Afghanistan war fatigue, now comes US withdrawal from central Asia.

Just in time for that region to start boiling over.

So the Gray Lady sez that the US is “checked”. Of course we are! That’s what they wanted. The US out of the Middle East, the US to lay of Russia and China. Our heads in the sand and our eyes on the latest drek for Hollywood as we get our gov’ment cheeze. They can bemoan the lack of US bases in central Asia, but if we were still there, the NYT would be slamming the US for being there. “Why antagonize the Russians? Why provoke China?” or my favorite “China/Russia/Al Queda/Iran can’t fight the US directly! All this defense talk is scare/warmongering!”

It’s 1939 all over again folks. The media and many in DC have their heads up their forth point of contact. They are more concrened with winning over the dumb “low information voters” than the state of the world. We’ll have peace in our time, until the first shots are fired.

Elections mean things

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So America’s youth voted for free stuff and Obama, hope and change because it wasn’t Bush or Romney. We heard a lot about Iraq and Bain Capital:

“Millennials’ future is summed up by joblessness, part-time work, and a cozy futon in mom and dad’s basement. But it didn’t have to be this way. Our economic struggles are a direct result of years of an ever-growing regulatory regime, in which reams of red tape are making steady, full-time employment for young people harder to find and more difficult to keep.
Millennials Have Nothing To Celebrate When It Comes To Employment, via Instapundit

The democrats seem to enjoy being the party of “youth”. There was the ad where John McCain was accused of not being able to use a computer (because the NVA beat him when he was a POW). Mitt Romney was a greedy Bain Capitalist who was gonna fire everyone for the Koch Brothers….

And we see that most of America is unemployed. Part time work is the new normal and we’re getting ready to strike on Syria.

How’s that hope and change? Good thing we didn’t elect Romney right?


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Via Instapundit:

All in all, I became convinced that high levels of low-skill immigration are good for wealthy Americans and bad for poor Americans. Far more important, high levels of illegal immigration—when you start to get into the millions, as we have—undermines unions and labor standards, lowers wages, heightens social tensions, strains state budgets, widens income inequality, subverts the rule of law, and exacerbates class divides. The effects go far beyond wages, because few undocumented workers earn enough to cover anything close to the cost of government services (such as education for their children) they require, and those services are most important to low-income Americans. In short, it’s an immense blow to America’s working class and poor.
–“Why Liberals Should Oppose the Immigration Bill It’s about low-wage American workers “: T.A. FRANK,THE NEW REPUBLIC.

It’s all about the “poor”. In Star Trek, Guinan the Bartender[tm] talked about disposable people. Ironically, Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew boasted about having a Mexican Maid[tm] as the perks of being in Hollywood.

It was never about “right” or “immigrants”, it was about a new underclass the wealthy left can exploit. From Wal-Mart, Tyson Chicken, the Fast food industry and other places that employ those who live on low wages, the new immigration bill is a godsend. More people they can employ for crap wages. For democrats, a bumper crop of votes from those dependent on the welfare state.

Look at Detroit, California and other “blue state” areas to see how the left has ruined everything it touches.

Remember, the Boston Bombers were on welfare, as were many domestic terrorists here and in the UK.

Oh yeah, also from Insty, liberal rag the Atlantic asks: ” 10 Years After the Fall of Saddam, How Do Iraqis Look Back on the War?

Hot Crew! A cute libertarian girl…

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Liberals love cute girls (especially if they are under 18, ask any Hollywood director).

So here’s a cute girl:

and another one:

See more at Token Libertarian Girl.

1950’s America

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Via: Instapundit

Opportunities Unlimited (1950s circa)

This video from the Prelinger Archives shows how the end of WWII and returning GI’s shaped Post War America.

Student loans and the welfare state would be attempts to ape that boom. But without the chocolate of pent up demand and the peanut butter of low inflation and rising wages, it didn’t happen. We got Vietnam, the Oil Crisis, Stagflation and the decline of America’s military.

The 1950’s weren’t perfect, but they were far from the “hellhole” Hollywood wants you to believe. It was the boom of the 50’s that provided the money for the mooching hippies, beatniks and the liberals that followed.

I think it’s time we cut off their line of “credit” don’t you?

This is just sad, the MSM dumps on Vets…

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And so it begins. After Vietnam, the “psycho vet” meme dominated the media. Rambo only existed on the silver screen, but the MSM was desperate to try and find washed up psycho vets. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines were spit on by reporters, dirty hippes, commies in universities and writers.

Via This Ain’t Hell:

“Both the federal government and the state government are broke. So why are we providing military funeral honors for all veterans? It is a nice gesture we can’t afford.

Certainly, men and women killed in combat deserve full military honors. It’s a way for the country to say, “We honor the memory of those who died in our service.” These military honors — and the thought behind them — are intended to provide some solace for the families of the fallen.

But what about the guy who spends a couple of years in the military and then gets on with his life? Bear in mind that most veterans did nothing heroic. They served, and that’s laudable, but it hardly seems necessary to provide them all with military honors after they have died.

Saint Louis Post Dispatch

” Neither the recently adopted Senate budget plan for fiscal 2014, drafted by Democrats, nor the supposedly “austere” Ryan budget passed by the Republican House, touched Tricare. Hell hath no fury like a veterans’ lobby scorned, as senators and representatives of both parties know.

So do I! In anticipation of a lot of hate mail, I would note that I respect and honor America’s veterans. They should be well provided for, including reasonable health benefits. But no one — not even a veteran — is entitled to taxpayer support regardless of competing public needs.

In the case of Tricare, this is what the veterans’ lobbies have demanded of Congress, and what Congress has given them.”
Washington Post

How dare you. Ernie Pyle would be spinning in his grave.

Soldiers have been and are on food stamps. How dare you.

Soldiers are struggling to find jobs due to war related disability. How dare you.

We are losing many members of the WWII generation, all deserve military honors.


There is widespread welfare and social security fraud. Student loan defaults are on the rise. A college diploma is worthless now. And once again the media picks on vets.
The generations who fought for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

I have a category called “Wired is tired” because I hate and it’s lefty b.s.

It’s clear now that the media, from newspapers to magazines to buzzfeed, upworthy, medialite, the Daily Show and paid lefty blogs are one giant echo chamber that hates America.

Southern Poverty Law Center Jumps the Shark….

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..and is now in Low Earth Orbit.

Berger explains why, specifically, the SPLC hugely inflates their headline numbers with a bizarre counting system. Only on the site where you find the raw data, and in none of their media releases, do they make it clear that the “1,007 hate groups” number counts individual chapters of national or regional groups. For instance, “the American Nazi Party is listed six times, and the Council of Conservative Citizens is listed 37 times. There are many more. When you filter the list for organizations with identical names, the list of 1,007 becomes a list of 358.”
–“The SPLC and Slant“: Patrick Brennan,, (h/t: Instapundit)

It’s a “forever war” with these people. If they admit that hate is on the run, they lose money. If they admit that no one takes the KKK seriously, they lose a reason to exist.

In 1958, a black man could be arrested for sitting in the wrong seat, in 2008 we elected a black man president.

But you wouldn’t know it from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The democrats stop to cheat

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“So the Soviets were from the New England Patriots school of cheating, which says that even if you’re vastly superior to your opponent, you cheat anyway. Just for the pure hell of it.”
—, The 7 Ballsiest Sports Cheats Ever

So the “reality based community” knows that voters won’t vote for their real agenda so they stoop to AstroTurf and outright fraud.

The left hired teams from Facebook, Google and Twitter to engineer the 2012 elections. Of course Facebook gets a tax break. Media Matters funds a social media site to dumb down the left’s message. Remember when the left was furious over sound bites in the 90’s? Guess they love’em now (only they call them memes).

When all else fails good ol’ voter fraud FTW!

“Well-publicized instances of attempted voter fraud by high-profile Democrats in Virginia and Maryland have helped Republican lawmakers make a case for tougher voting requirements.”
Democratic voter fraud cases become ammo for Virginia GOP, Washington via Instapundit.

So this is how they want to play it. Using their friends in the Media, IT and outright breaking the law. They run on ignorance. All guns are “assault weapons”, all people must pay their “fair share”.

“But the next 12 months are likely to reveal the opposite. Imminent elements of Obama’s grandest policy move, the health-care overhaul known as ObamaCare, are calculated to screw his most passionate supporters and to transfer wealth to his worst enemies.”
Obama Prepares To Screw His Base: Buzzfeed

The real costs have to be hidden. Bans, taxes, freedoms denied. No one would vote for the left if they knew what they really want. So out comes the rallies, the spin and the media to the rescue. Hollywood and Silicon Valley get tax breaks and we get to pay for the attempts to lie to the American people.

Given the sad state of American education and that the left bills itself as the party of “free stuff”, the lies are selling.

New GOP, old ideas?

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After the beating the GOP took in November, PJ media offered some advice for the party leadership.

Here are two of their ideas and my comment on them:

4) Investigate the possibility of reducing American forces in Germany: While NATO served an honorable and crucial role in winning the Cold War, the chances of another war in Central Europe are currently very low. Drawing down American troops to a “trip-wire” force could save up to $20 billion [3].

5) Consolidate and eliminate departments: There is also precedent for this. In the 1950s and the 1990s, programs that were duplicative were combined to save money (both decades saw balanced budgets). One possible department to consolidate would be the Department of Energy (whose budget was $27 billion last year [4]). Many of this department’s functions can be handled by other cabinet agencies. For example, regulation of oil and gas drilling can be done by the Environmental Protection Agency. Grants in the alternative energy field can be processed by the Commerce Department. Drilling permits can be handled by the Department of the Interior. And so on.

8) Make sure your members speak the language of the national interest: The 2012 CNN exit poll showed that Democrats were 38% of the voters, Republicans 32%, and independents 29%. So, any policy that comes across as appealing only to the Republican base isn’t likely to rally the nation as a whole. The good thing about “reform” themes is that they cross party lines, and especially appeal to independents.

9) National Guard/FEMA upgrade: The nation has repeatedly been hit by natural (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) and man-made (9/11) disasters over the last generation. More extensive training for the National Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency would seem to be a wise investment.

Why are US forces still in Europe? And don’t say it’s because of the middle east. Pull our forces out of Europe and leave a skeleton force to keep bases in Germany maintained. PATRIOT missiles, tankers and support units could be left in Germany. Navy ships, an infantry brigade and other units could rotate out on an as needed basis. Move the dependents home would save a vast amount of money. Make Germany a one year unaccompanied tour for most service members. Consolidate all the commands into one Joint Service Command and retire all the field grades who just sit in an office and drink coffee.

The National Guard needs to stop being the red-headed stepchild of the DoD. Upgrade their equipment and training. As the Active Duty force draws down, offer incentives to servicemembers to join the Guard. Newer vehicles and aircraft would help the Guard because they have a state mission AND are the strategic reserve of the DoD. No Rachel Maddow, they are not the unit at sit in the armory until a disaster strikes. If we’re going to use them, treat them well.

The education department should go back under Health and Human Services.  The Department of Homeland Security should either go away or be reformed after a long hard look at how it does business.  The silly “firewall” between departments could get the once over.  The FBI and CIA should share data on terrorists.

The Democrats have set themselves up as the party of “free stuff”.  We need to point out that under all their horseshit there is no pony.  Hold the “reality based” community to reality.  Point out that California and Detroit are disasters.

We need to show off the GOP governors and the states they are running. Show that our glasses are clean before we point out the turds in the liberals punchbowl.

Here and now

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Two youtube videos to chew on:

Yes some NYT editorial from a law professor states the “reasons” to give up on the constitution and overthrow the law of the land.

When the law and public opinion don’t go their way, this is the left, (╯°□°)╯︵,,.┻━┻._.,

Bill Whittle states the obvious:

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) Now the article is over, let me put it back up.


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