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After the fall of Bush…

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So there is >1 year untill the US of A gets a new CO, George Walker Bush is leaving office in Jan 2009. What will the “progressive” “peace movement” do? I have no sympathy for these people. They spit on veterans, attack the military and military families. Their creeping takeover of colleges and universities makes it impossible to carry on reasonable debate on any issues. I decided to take my BS degree and go (after flunking out of grad school).

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Well, well, it looks like NBC will have to go back to faking the news again. After a Dateline reporter was caught trying to infiltrate DEFCON , a lawyers kills himself after been seen on “To Catch a Predator”. His sisters sued for $150 mil and NBC settled.

let’s see a great NBC reporter in action:

and great finical planning:

What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” don’t you understand.

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As a service member, I take it as an insult when people try to interpret the constitution in ways that restrict the freedoms I work to defend. The Brady Campaign says that
militia in the 2nd Amendment means that only the government has the right to guns. I beg to differ, when it says people, it means all the people. I had a right to own firearms before and after I joined the army. I did not get any special training or majic powers when I joined the army. Anybody can aim and fire a gun or rifle, they might even hit a target. Banning them does no good.

Well in a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court gave us back our gun rights The Heller Decision may spell the end of groups who claim that onl the gov’ment can save us. Even the Canadians don’t buy that.

So what does Heller mean? this


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This was a problem eight years ago, it seems that young people are too busy making money on the ‘net. They would rather work for Micro$oft or Google than work for Uncle Sam.
“Pentagon battles a brain drain” according to the New York Times. The article states that “At MIT, a 2007 survey showed that 28.7 percent of undergraduates were headed for work in finance, 13.7 in management consulting and just 7.5 percent in aerospace and defense. The top 10 employers included McKinsey, Google, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Bain, JP Morgan and Oracle, but not a single military contractor or government office.”

What a shame. Talking heads decry discrimination in the workforce, epically the science and engineering fields. Too male, too while, the “old boy network” etc. Now is time time for government and industry to recruit women and minorities to replace their aging work force. I remember talking to a young black man, all of 21 years old, who had an Electrical Eng. degree. I told him that I would be working hard to get maybe 28k a year but he had it made. All he had to do was apply to any defense contractor because they were hungry for people since the dot.coms were still poaching their recruits. This was in 2000. I don’t know what ever happned to him, I hope he chose to work for Uncle Sam, if only for a little while. Their is potential for great strides to be made for equlity in the workforce. Young people of all races and genders have a great future ahead of them if they would but claim it.

I’m not holding my breath.. alas…

listen to the $$$$….

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So the US Army is having a spot of trouble with the Future Combat systems.

It seems that the acquisitions eyes are bigger than the budget stomach. Several systems are being “spiraled” out to army units as you read this. I have seen some of the systems tested at Fort Bliss. FCS is teh awesome, despite what the critics have to say.

When I was in high school, the US army fought that little fracas called “Desert Storm”. They (the media, pundits, “defense analysts”) said pretty much the same thing as Wired Magazine’s Sharon Weinberger does in her article. David Axe at his blog echos the “american hardware is junk” line (he is currently in Chad). Yes I have used American equipement for the past 4+ years of my hitch. I have seen HMMWV not start, Patroit missile equipment fail (sometimes repeatedly) to function. However, it was used, abused and ultimately fixed by soldiers. We don’t want to die or use gear that won’t accomplish the mission. That said, I think that money, not effectiveness will kill parts of the Future Combat Systems, just like the RAH-66

Further proof that ADA is a cool job…

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A THAAD missile scored another hit on Thursday. Missile defense is one of the geekiest, most misunderstood parts of the Army. (“What is your MOS again?”, “What do you do exactly?”) But hey, several learned minds have said that hitting a missile with a missile is impossible. Right now, myself and the rest of class 07-2008 are training to do the impossible, then we go to chow. HOOAH!

p.s. for my fellow NMT alumni THAAD runs linux!

Hello world!

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So, as I sit in the barracks, I find that in my native New Mexico, a man tried to change his name to “F— Censorship!”, a year ago a college news paper gave this response to the taser dustup in florida.

Oh well, that’s why I left college for the army….