listen to the $$$$….

So the US Army is having a spot of trouble with the Future Combat systems.

It seems that the acquisitions eyes are bigger than the budget stomach. Several systems are being “spiraled” out to army units as you read this. I have seen some of the systems tested at Fort Bliss. FCS is teh awesome, despite what the critics have to say.

When I was in high school, the US army fought that little fracas called “Desert Storm”. They (the media, pundits, “defense analysts”) said pretty much the same thing as Wired Magazine’s Sharon Weinberger does in her article. David Axe at his blog echos the “american hardware is junk” line (he is currently in Chad). Yes I have used American equipement for the past 4+ years of my hitch. I have seen HMMWV not start, Patroit missile equipment fail (sometimes repeatedly) to function. However, it was used, abused and ultimately fixed by soldiers. We don’t want to die or use gear that won’t accomplish the mission. That said, I think that money, not effectiveness will kill parts of the Future Combat Systems, just like the RAH-66


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