Do we need a War? Cause there anit no peace….

Fareed Zakaria murdered some electrons and spake thusly:

In a sense, the warriors are pessimists. In the old days they were scared that communists would destroy America. Today they rail that Al Qaeda and Iran threaten our way of life. In fact, America is an extremely powerful country, with a unique and extraordinary set of strengths. The only way that position can truly be eroded is by its own actions and overreactions—by unwise and imprudent leadership. A good way to start correcting the errors of the past would be to recognize that we are not at war.

Answer: False

This from the man who believes that America’s day is past, terrorists can be appeased and oh yeah… conservatives are finished.

What do you have against the U.S. Mr. Zakaria? Were you saying the same things when we sent our troops to help muslims in the former Yugoslavia? The world can wait when it come to Darfur and Burma despite what think tanks and the media wishes.

You hate American power, strong American leaders, but ask the American people to sacrifice when the bullets fly. Remember the league of nations? The Treaty of Versailles, or the Kellogg-Briand Pact? The international community at work. What did we get? That little thing call World War II.

No American or Western leadership untill Churchill and December 7th. Even then, your peers on the left have even papered over WWII:
Human Smoke, by Nicholson Baker tries to make the Allies the villain:

Did the war “help anyone who needed help?” Mr. Baker asks in a plaintive afterword. The prisoners of Belsen, Dachau and Buchenwald come to mind, as well as untold millions of Russians, Danes, Belgians, Czechs and Poles. Nowhere and at no point does Mr. Baker ever suggest, in any serious way, how their liberation might have been effected other than by force of arms.

Almost unbelievably, he includes multiple instances in which Churchill and Roosevelt rejected the idea of negotiating with Hitler. Although he offers no commentary on the matter, the reader is forced to draw the conclusion that negotiation was a sensible idea cavalierly tossed aside by leaders who preferred war to peace.


Now Mr. Zakaria wants us to believe that we need a mulit-polar world. Let’s see… hmmm…
Multi-polarity at work, from Iran, to Iraq, Zimbabwe to Mohamed ElBaradei, epic fail.

That would be your past, present and future Mr. Zakaria. Without America, you get a world where there is no voice for democracy. All the hand wringing and revisionist history can’t save you. You are wrong, we need a strong wartime president. because if there ever was a time of peace, it is long gone. Without American leadership, the international community is four wolves and a sheep voting on dinner.

p.s. this is the real face of American military power.


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