This anit no peace part II…

It looks like FARC in Columbia is finished. Abu Sayyaf has been reduces to a few bandits. Even the Germans are noticing improvements in Iraq. The radical 60’s left is trying to work inside the system now instead of trying to destroy the country.

And yet we have a presidential hopeful who has ties to terrorists. That’s ok because his party is

Peace is always for sale, but no one is buying. You cannot appease Evil. give radicals and terrorists an inch and they will take a mile, over your bruised and bloody body.

So we fight, train and undermine the forces of evil. Patriotism can be a relative thing for those on the left. Those of us on the right, patriotism lives in everyone who works to make this country safe and better. Rather than criticize my country, blame it or say sod it all and ignore the problems, I enlisted. Some work in their communities to actually make them better, not further their political careers. Others teach, become doctors or donate to charity. Selfless service is just that. Giving of your self despite the costs. Peace come from hard work, not chanting, not protests or rallies. Hard, gritty, dirty work.

The left just can’t get that:


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