I used to be a clerk for a mental health clinic. I flunked out of grad school while trying to get my MA in counseling. During that time I saw many examples of why drugs are BAD NEWS. We had a client undergo a complete paranoid episode during therapy. Brick (not his real name) had warned the guy. Stop using or we’ll drop you from the program. Well the client had to be taken away by the police because he was so violent and paranoid. Lucky for him he recovered and thanked Brick latter (another program accepted him).

Every time I mention this I have bullsh*t called on me. Well Starpulse writes:

MacFarlane signed a $100 million deal with 20th Century Fox in May, in a move which will make him the highest-paid writer-producer in television – and he’s determined to increase his productivity by swearing off illegal drugs.

He says, “I don’t smoke much pot anymore. One of the last times I was stoned, I was convinced that I would die unless I kept moving my body. So I sat there, baked, waving my arms around like a crazy person.”

Yep, wacky tobacky will get ya. Sure it does not cost much, but then you have to pay for therapy if the court doesn’t make you go. Like my drill sergeant/parents/wife said, if it looks stupid, sounds stupid it probably is a stupid thing to do.


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