We be Jammin’

Yeah! The U.S. Navy has a new jammer, the EF-18 Growler.
John Croft of Flight International
breaks it down.

If the battlefield were an American football field, the US Navy’s venerable but well-worn Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler might be thought of as an offensive lineman clearing the path for a running back carrying the ball.

Given that the navy’s fleet of Prowlers is set to be retired in the 2013 timeframe because of airframe life limits, the military has a unique opportunity to grow significantly the role of the “lineman” that will replace the Prowler.

Given the threat that China, Iran, and yes Russia pose to American forces, and the world-wide arms bazaar it’s good to see this come on-line. Go check out the article.
The DEW line.


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