What America gets right and Obama gets wrong.

CNN’s Glenn Beck writes:

What’s right with America? Our world-class universities don’t require you to have an elite family name or Rockefeller-type wealth to get in. We don’t care about your race, gender or nationality. You just have to be smart enough and work hard for it. What a concept, huh?

What’s right with America? How about the way we treat the less fortunate? With no help from our government, Americans gave a record $306 billion to charities last year alone. We give twice as much as the next closest country and, relative to the size of our economies, we give 1,000 percent more than the French.

American society today is nowhere as vile as the newsmedia and popular culture make it out to be. When I was working at the local mental health clinic, our local State Representative (R, Socorry County NM) donated a $1,200 diamond ring and a pair of $500 earrings to our Christmas raffle. Our sister agency in Belen had a first class trip on Southwest Airlines (this was 2000) as their raffle prize.

Government is good at saying no, holding committee meetings, writing papers and power point presentations. The real work is done by people like you and me.

So when Obama says “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

I wonder how he will pay for it? The pentagon has a budget in excess of $500 billion. His plan to pull U.S. Forces out of Iraq is costly. He would abandon billions of good American equipment at a time when the military is trying to repair (“reset” in military lingo) the equipment we have. So he world trhow money away for yet another big gov project. Less help for the little guy, more money wasted in committee

Don’t just take my world for it:


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