Libertarians: Half-baked and totally wasted

When I was a senior in high school, the 1992 elections were i the home stretch. I turned 18 in ’93 so I missed out. I do remember the mock voter registrations forms around our school. Trying to get kids interested in politics, these forms had short ‘blurbs about each party. The hippies and future feminazis were staunchly Democrats. While those of us who wanted to earn a living checked the box marked Republician. Nothing generated interest in politics as the Libertarian party.
By interest I mean raid fanboy behavior. Most of the stoners, losers and glue sniffers came out of the woodwork.
I watched a Libertarian infomercial once. I saw the same conspiracy/fear mongering/gov’t out to get us tripe that Linden LaRouche peddled for years. The only difference is that the drug legalization rhetoric brought some stoners into the fold. Take away drugs and the Libertarians are just the John Birch Society with a younger demographic.

Now those weirdos think their time has come again.


With his belly hiding his belt, with his red suspenders and white beard, Glen Parshall is a dead ringer for Santa Claus, except for the snub-nosed pistol he keeps tucked in his back pocket. Parshall spends his days behind the gun cage of Bargain Pawn, in a roughneck North Las Vegas neighborhood littered with homeless encampments, Catholic charities and pawnshops. It’s no Bellagio. But he is a gentle man who treats his customers with respect, whether hoodlum or homeowner. He knows everything there is to know about weapons and is a stickler for the byzantine rules of gun ownership–the waiting periods, the background checks, the ATF callbacks and information requests.

But just because he obeys the rules doesn’t mean he likes them. Parshall is dissatisfied with a lot of what government does. He hates our gun laws. Hates the war in Iraq. He doesn’t use drugs, but he sees the fight against them as another government power grab. Growing up as a Mormon in Salt Lake City, Parshall was a Barry Goldwater Republican. Now he’s the kind of voter who should scare the GOP most–and he’s not alone.

Yep, just like when William F. Buckly cleaned the John Birch Society out of the GOP, John McCain will flush these guys out too.

Sure they have Bob Barr. But his claim to fame was beating up on Pagans in the military. Ron Paul? He won’t give guidance to his followers after being spanked during the primaries (he ran as a libertarian in 1988). They do have celebs on their side though, no less than Penn Jillette says that to win Libertians need to “Convince the dope guys that the gun guys are O.K., and vice versa.”

And their lies the problem. They can talk about freedom all they want, but mostly it’s about people wanting easy answers to their problems (or just wanting to get high legally). American anarchism has always been there on the fringe. People hate rules, but we follow them. It was the NRA, GOP, CATO institute and other activists who pushed the Heller decision down the throat of the anti-2nd Amendment forces. Where was the Libertarian party? Too bushy trying to look for the black helicopters. More likely they had a good stash and needed to get some chips for afterward.


3 Responses to “Libertarians: Half-baked and totally wasted”

  1. charleslawlesss Says:

    like Ron Paul more than Bob Barr, But there is a movement growing to get these two to join forces. Two popular LP sites are both talking about a BarrPaul ticket. One is Barr Root and the other is Barr Paul 08. This ticket would spell trouble for the Gop for sure. I will leave the link if anyone wants to see

    I would probably vote for a Barr Paul ticket. Because I lean conservative. John McCain hasnt done much to get my vote. If he would be Huckabee on the ticket I would give him serious consideration. I am not excited about anyone yet. No candidate has a sound Energy Plan either. This is disturbing, seeing how we are in an energy Crisis. I am starting to come around to the Pickene Plan (energy Plan.) You can compare his plan to some of the candidates Plans at

  2. The Libertarians submitted an amicus brief on Helller’s behalf, drafted by Barr. Now Heller is running for Congress as a Libertarian.

  3. chockblock Says:

    Info please?

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