Anti-Darwin II

A followup to my Anti-Darwin post, Little Green Footballs has excerpts of an article by Christopher Hitchens. Cave salamanders lost their eyes millions of years ago. Think about it. It the eye was sooo advanced why would they give them up? Eyes evolved from light sensitive cells. The human eye developed over millions of years. That these cave salamanders have vestigial eyes shows what the pressures of the environment (a light less cave) can cause.

Another article in the New Yorker called “Darwin’s Surprise” talks about the role viruses have played in human evolution.
A retrovirus inserts itself into the DNA of the host, using the host cells to make copies.

When the sequence of the human genome was fully mapped, in 2003, researchers also discovered something they had not anticipated: our bodies are littered with the shards of such retroviruses, fragments of the chemical code from which all genetic material is made. It takes less than two per cent of our genome to create all the proteins necessary for us to live. Eight per cent, however, is composed of broken and disabled retroviruses,

My classes in biology and zoology brushed on this topic. Many introns or bits of “junk DNA” were suspected to be old disabled viruses. So much for “intelligent design”. Why would a master “designer” have such shoddy work?

h/t: Little Green Footballs

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