Iraq the world and everything Part DEUX

In a previous Post I talked about how the media tired to re-invent the past four years.

Well now, Little Green Footballs, sends word that a movie might be made about “RatherGate.” As the story about supposed documents developed, CBS news stank into the sewer. Instead of skewering George Bush over Vietnam, Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes came out as fools. They wanted to believe. Phony documents did not stand in the way of a good story. The left wants to believe their narrative so badly they keep trying to re-tell the past. Mary Mapes wants her movie to re-cast her as the hero, taken down by corporate CBS and Bush.

This is not new.

The Bush derangement syndrome went overdrive in “Recount”, a film produced by Kevin Spacey (who also appears in the film). In this work of fiction, Kathrine Harris was evil. Spacey and co. try to bring to the screen what the left believes happened during the election. Bush STOLE IT!!!!!

Hammering that point home with a 10-lb sledge is the fantasy of “Homecoming”part of Showtime’s Masters of Horror series. In this episode, dead soldiers rise from the grave to attack the present adminstrations that sent them to Iraq.

Slate’s Grady Hendrix opined :

While Dante’s film will no doubt raise hackles, my guess is that most members of the military would get a kick out of this flick that praises the troops in Iraq while offering up the politicians and pundits who sent them there as finger food for the undead. Some big brains have tried to make a statement about the war in Iraq, and every single one of them should be standing in line, heads hung low, waiting to get their artistic licenses revoked. Who would’ve thought that where Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11), Sam Mendes (Jarhead), and Steven Bochco (Over There) got it so wrong, the director of Looney Tunes: Back in Action would have gotten it so right?

No, it was not funny. Over 90% of the living soldiers supported the administration. Resulting in a mass re-enlistment on July 4, 2008.

Homecoming and Recount share the same point of view. Bush=EVIL(tm). However the truth is that Bush won the media’s recounts. That does not stop the left. They want to believe that 2000 was when the evil came for them.

Bull. I was in Florida. UNF had a free hotwing night during the election. I watched as the media blindly called Florida for Gore before the panhandle’s votes were counted. They blew it. I watched in real time. No film can wash that away, even if Keyser Söze and other Hollywood lights work overtime.

Poor John McCain. He just now notices that he ran afoul of the Left’s tinfoil hat world view. Michelle Malkin has many links to the Obama-rama that infests TeeVee and the fishwrap we call print media.

Time will tell. Some are starting to wake up:

Humanizing al Qaeda, Demonizing the Bush Team
July 22, 2008

David Addington and Omar Khadr are two names that will forever be linked to the war on terror.

Mr. Addington is chief of staff to Vice President Richard Cheney…Then there’s Mr. Khadr. He is the son of a man who helped found and finance al Qaeda, and who died in a 2003 gun battle with Pakistani troops near the Afghan border…Guess who gets the sympathy in the press?

Yep, they want to believe. But me…

knowledge is power!

knowledge is power!

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