Two From

  1. Wired fronts a story about a research into a new rifle. It burns hydrogen and is based on a toy (I’m not making this up):

    Quoting New Scientist.

    “Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C., a toy design studio based near Chicago, makes toy rockets that are powered by burning hydrogen obtained by electrolyzing water. Now the company is being funded by the US army to adapt the technology to fire bullets instead.

    The US Army are interested in arming soldiers with weapons that can be switched between lethal and non-lethal modes. They asked the company to make a rifle that can fire projectiles at various speeds.”

    The Army tried this before with the Steyr ACR, part of the Advanced Combat Rifle program. The jury is out on replacing the M-16/M-4.

  2. Members of Congress wants the Navy’s new destroyers, that the Navy said that it no longer wants. Navy leadership has shifted priorities, building more of the cheaper Arleigh Burke class.

    Leading the charge is Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who has several contractors in his home state. They hate the military until jobs in their district are on the line.


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  1. In long-range planning for a trip, I think there is a private conviction that it won’t happen.JohnSteinbeckJohn Steinbeck, Travels With Charley

  2. Vice is a wonderful thing.ErnestHemingwayErnest Hemingway, A Farewell To Arms

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