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Brits say the dardest things:

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From across the pond, Julie Burchill has quite a few things to say about modern life: (source

On Actors:

When Oscar Wilde said that being natural is surely the biggest pose of all, he must have foreseen the current crop of big-screen luvvies, those po-faced, ‘fiercely private’ paparazzi-haters who have chosen to expose themselves on screens the size of churches – often naked – in return for vast amounts of money from paying strangers.
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Two From

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  1. Wired fronts a story about a research into a new rifle. It burns hydrogen and is based on a toy (I’m not making this up):

    Quoting New Scientist.

    “Lund and Company Invention, L.L.C., a toy design studio based near Chicago, makes toy rockets that are powered by burning hydrogen obtained by electrolyzing water. Now the company is being funded by the US army to adapt the technology to fire bullets instead.

    The US Army are interested in arming soldiers with weapons that can be switched between lethal and non-lethal modes. They asked the company to make a rifle that can fire projectiles at various speeds.”

    The Army tried this before with the Steyr ACR, part of the Advanced Combat Rifle program. The jury is out on replacing the M-16/M-4.

  2. Members of Congress wants the Navy’s new destroyers, that the Navy said that it no longer wants. Navy leadership has shifted priorities, building more of the cheaper Arleigh Burke class.

    Leading the charge is Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who has several contractors in his home state. They hate the military until jobs in their district are on the line.

Iraq, the world and Everything part III

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Bring the troops home! End the Occupation! That’s been the mantra for years. Obama’s been on a tour promoting
himself his candidacy and his plans across the middle east and europe.

This begs the question:

What would happen if we were to pull out much faster, on a 16-month timetable? Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Hammond, commander of coalition forces in Baghdad, says that would be “very dangerous” — the same words used by Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Of course, if the Iraqi government tells us to leave, we will have to leave. But, the prime minister’s ambiguous comments notwithstanding, the Iraqi government is saying no such thing, because most Iraqis realize that the gains of the surge are fragile and could be undone by a too-rapid departure of U.S. forces.

Souce: Max Boot at the WashingtonPost.

Spook86 at In From the Cold points out that the Democrats (esp. the chosen one) hated Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki. Hated until he tried to make friends with their candidate. Spook also points out that Maliki may have simply been trying to make firends simply because it Obama looks like a presidential contender.

While on tour, many pundits started to take apart the Obama halo. Vague promises, stirring speeches and photo ops do not a president make. Neither does blowing off wounded U.S. troops because you cannot campaign at a U.S. military base.

Meanwhile we keep winning the Iraq war.

The NYT complains that there are too few photos of wounded and dead U.S. troops. However the Associated Press has now joined the U.S. side. They admit that the U.S. and the Coalition is winning.

Change we can believe in.

Friday Afternoon Coldplay

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Fix You (Young @ Heart cover)

Chew on this

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Lucky seven found on the interwebs:

  1. British Boss makes jokes about a woman’s large breasts. She sues, gets £30,000 from him. Guess he’s the real boob.
  2. Bombing for peace Part I: Top war crimes suspect arrested in Serbia –
  3. Bombing for Peace Part II: brave war “hero” hides as a doctor..(Little Green Footballs)
  4. When should your parents stop paying your rent? When you are old enough to vote, smoke, drink or worry about your retirement.
  5. Generation Kill: Slate damns the Marines with faint praise.
  6. He flips, he flops, he don’t wear no drawers body armor.


  7. Emo Vs. Goth: FIGHT!!

Iraq the world and everything Part DEUX

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In a previous Post I talked about how the media tired to re-invent the past four years.

Well now, Little Green Footballs, sends word that a movie might be made about “RatherGate.” As the story about supposed documents developed, CBS news stank into the sewer. Instead of skewering George Bush over Vietnam, Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes came out as fools. They wanted to believe. Phony documents did not stand in the way of a good story. The left wants to believe their narrative so badly they keep trying to re-tell the past. Mary Mapes wants her movie to re-cast her as the hero, taken down by corporate CBS and Bush.

This is not new.
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Taiwan Blues…

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In From The Cold pointed me to this most excellent article in the Asian edition of the Wall St. Journal:

Arming Taiwan


During the eight-year tenure of former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian, political infighting between the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and the opposition Kuomintang stalled the funding for these weapons purchases. At the same time, Mr. Chen’s independence-leaning policies angered China’s leaders. Washington was displeased by Mr. Chen’s inability to push through the arms purchases, and because his actions and outspokenness interfered with improving U.S.-China relations.

The damage those eight years did to U.S.-Taiwan relations was considerable. Taiwan’s relative air, missile defense and antisubmarine warfare capabilities fell further behind as important Taiwan military acquisitions were postponed. China, however, purchased advanced weapons from the Soviet Union and increased funding for its own military research and development programs.

The media and the chosen one have all but ignored the drama in the Taiwan straight.

Taiwan has gone back and fourth between independence and detente with China. China considers Taiwan a part of China. Taiwan’s people are divided. They want democracy, but many remember why they fled to the island in the first place. Taiwan is a new democracy, but it’s a democracy nonetheless. China is a brutal communist regime, where they kill political dissidents and bill the family for the bullet.

It’s like when a woman tries to leave an abusive boyfriend. They talk about leaving, think about breaking up. Then the boyfriend puts a hole in her tires (with a gun) and stuffs her cat in the mailbox. China has tested missiles right off of the coast of Taiwan. They placed hundreds of military aircraft, missiles and ships in the straight. They passed a law saying that they would invade the island if:

* if events occur leading to the separation of Taiwan from China in any name, or
* if a major event occurs which would lead to Taiwan’s separation from China, or
* if all possibility of peaceful unification is lost.


China has many aircraft, missiles and ships it would use to break Taiwan. They need advanced hardware to hold the line. The time to act is now. During the Falklands war, President Ronald Regan support Great Britain over Argentina. He said that American supports democracy over a dictatorship. President Bush and his successor should do the same.