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McCain-Palin 2008!

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As the chosen one claims to make history, :

(CNN) — Sen. John McCain announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate Friday, calling her “the running mate who can best help me shake up Washington.”

“She’s exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of me first and country second,” the presumptive Republican nominee said at a Dayton, Ohio, rally of about 15,000 supporters, who welcomed the surprise pick of the relatively unknown politician with cheers and flags.

Obama is just another liberal politician. He believes that his cherished liberal notions and recycled 60’s era policies can “change the world”. By having their convention in Denver, the democrats believed that they could reach out to the western states. Instead Obama picks a member of the East Coast Liberal Elite to do the actual governing be his running mate.

Gov. Palin’s selection shows that John McCain cares about the west and women voters. especially the voters Obama dumped on in his race to defeat Hillary.

It did not take long for the MSM/liberal elite to go on the warpath:

  1. “Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”
  2. Sen. Chuck Schumer says:
    “After the great success of the Democratic convention, the choice of Sarah Palin is surely a Hail Mary pass.”
  3. McCain’s VP Wants Creationism Taught in School

But before anyone gets carried away:

  1. “Geraldine Ferraro says that many women feel disaffected by the way Hillary Clinton got treated by the Democratic Party and the media — and they will appreciate an opportunity to support a historic ticket”
  2. “On the Democrat message boards and blogs I have heard a lot of people saying they can’t wait until she has to debate Biden. They might want to be careful what they wish for. In my column at Townhall today I write about some examples of Biden’s bad foreign policy judgment. Biden also has a horrible habit of exaggerating and boasting.”(h/t: Michelle Malkin)
  3. Sarah Palin and Creationism

After a year of the MSM sucking up to Obama, this is change we can believe in.

plus she’s hawt:

The Revenge of the Chew

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    Chew on this:

  1. Why World Trade Center No. 7 Fell.
  2. Russian Tanks pull out, but they leave the devastation behind
  3. Al-Qaeda: Dead or Alive, we kicked their butts
  4. Go for the gold , but first you must pass puberty. And watch out for bloggers, a and a lazy media . but don’t worry about the International Olympic Committee.
  5. and now 34



  6. Biden as V.P. shows lack of confidence? nawww.. really? (h/t: flopping aces)
  7. Top ten Arnold moments: back when he was just an actor
  8. Russia starts to withdraw from the brink Georgia (h/t:littlegreenfootballs

China and Russia

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China and Russia are poised to turn the eastern hemisphere into a battle ground. While Georgia and Taiwan are different in that Georgia is a sovereign country and Taiwan is not recognized as an independent state by the U.N. However do have one thing in common (besides being political backwaters most “cosmopolitan” or “progressive thinkers” do their best to ignore. Both countries sit next to superpowers (or would be superpowers).

Russia has seen a resurgence as of late. With oil revenue coming in, Russian leadership has seen fit start bullying the neighbors:

Russia’s Gas Strategy: Turning Up the Heat on Ukraine
By Peter Zeihan (excerpts below)

The Ukrainian Keystone

From the beginning, the natural gas spat has been about much more than a few (billion) dollars in annual energy sales. This squabble is over the orientation of Ukraine between West and East, and ultimately over the ability of Russia to regenerate its geopolitical fortunes.

Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” was a seminal event in the Russian mind — a jarring development that ranks second only to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991. Russians view the Soviet collapse as the day they lost their empire, and they fear that history may mark the Orange Revolution as the day that Russia degraded past the point of no return.
Simply put, with Ukraine in its orbit, Russia maintains strategic coherence and a chance of eventually reattaining superpower status. Without Ukraine, Russia’s status as a regional power grows tenuous, and the issue of Russia’s outright disintegration leaves the realm of the ridiculous and enters the realm of the possible.

This is not about money; it is about control and survival.
Prior to the Jan. 1 shutoff, the Europeans had become complacent, unappreciative of the scope of their dependency upon Russia or how much they have taken a “friendly” Moscow for granted…

Okay, so Russia cut off natural gas to Europe over political problems. No shots, no aircraft flying over each others borders. The author states that the gas flowed during the coldest years of the Cold War. So this Georgia thing (despite the passive movie-of-the week coverage it is getting) is a BIG DEAL. As Russia expands to fill the (perceived) vacuum left by the U.S. While the west talks Russia is on the move. They may have been on the move for months, according to Brian Whitmore at Radio Free Europe. (H/t: In From The Cold.)

Taiwan has seen arms shipments, key to their defense, blocked. Politicians do not want to offend the Chinese.

These two countries are crazy ex’s out to make sure their girlfriends do not stray:

  • Armed Negotiations: It Ain’t Over ’til the Fat Russian Lady Sings Source: The Castle ARRgG h/t: Brad
  • Chinese Reunification
  • Russia seeks to go back to the 1980’s:

    Russia warns of response to US missile shield
    Aug 20 01:42 PM US/Eastern

    Poland Signs U.S. Missile Shield Deal

    MOSCOW (AP) – Russia says its response to the further development of a U.S. missile shield in Poland will go beyond diplomacy.

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying the U.S. missile shield plans are clearly aimed at weakening Russia.

    The U.S. says the missile defense system is aimed at protecting the U.S. and Europe from future attacks from states like Iran.

    The United States and Poland signed a deal Wednesday to place a U.S. missile defense base just 115 miles from Russia’s westernmost fringe


    However Israel is helping Georgia. 9source:

    The two countries have been doing military hardware deals for almost seven years, “following an initiative by Georgian citizens who immigrated to Israel and became businesspeople,” Ynetnews notes. “The fact that Georgia’s defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew contributed to this cooperation.”

    “His door was always open to the Israelis who came and offered his country arms systems made in Israel,” the source said… “The deals in this country were conducted fast, mainly due to the defense minister’s personal involvement.”

    Former Israel internal security minister Roni Milo was one of the people who pushed those deals along. He “conducted business in Georgia for Elbit Systems,” according to Ynetnews. “And with his help Israel’s defense industries managed to sell to Georgia [drones], automatic turrets for armored vehicles, antiaircraft systems, communication systems, shells and rockets.”

    At least one presidential candidate is on the case.

    Mr. McCain has called for expelling what he has called a “revanchist Russia” from meetings of the Group of 8, the organization of leading industrialized nations. He urged President Bush — in vain — to boycott the group’s meeting in St. Petersburg in 2006. And he has often mocked the president’s assertion that he got a sense of the soul of Vladimir V. Putin, who was then Russia’s president and is now its prime minister, by looking into his eyes. “I looked into his eyes,” Mr. McCain said, “and saw three letters: a K, a G and a B.”

    Chew on this: War is bad Extra Shooty Edition

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    Chew on this (just don’t hit any UXO):

    1. Via xbradtc :
      Russian-Georgian War Update

      As of this morning, the Soviets Russians have announced a cease fire and claim they have halted attacks on Georgia.

    2. Wikipedia weights in:2008 South Ossetia war

      This article documents ongoing warfare.
      Information might change rapidly and initially be unconfirmed as the conflict evolves.
      This article or section may be slanted towards recent events.
      Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective.
      The length of this article or section may adversely affect readability.
      Please discuss this issue on the talk page, split the content into subarticles, and keep this page in a summary style.

      They’re even fighting over their wiki entry…

    3. Jawa Report: Russian-Georgian cyberwar:
    4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Their side of the story.
    5. Applebaum on Georgia This could blow up in everyones facs (Source LGF)
    6. OMG GET A CLUE…..

      Bush slams Russia ‘invasion’
      Financial Times:
      By our International Staff

      Published: August 12 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 12 2008 03:00

      President George W. Bush last night accused Russia of invading Georgia and said Moscow appeared to be mounting an effort to overthrow the “duly elected government” in Tbilisi.

      WTF? Tanks, ballistic missiles and heavy bombers are not gifts of love…(just ask my wife 🙂 )

      h/t NewsBusters

    7. Tinfoil hat time, from Confederate Yankee:HuffPo: War in Georgia Engineered To Help McCain
      Source from HuffPo:

      In classic “Wag The Dog” scenario there is a neat little war brewing between American and Russian proxies, and real Russian troops, in the Caucacus Mountains on the Russian border.

      It couldn’t come at a better time for the Republicans.

      ZOMG!! You are a suxxor! Russia and Georigia are fighting for the lulz…McCain commands their forces from his mountain lair.

      Ssrly..dude, switch to a less toxic brand of crack.

    Army SPC wins Olympic Gold

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    Source: U.S. Army News Service

    Soldier wins Gold, sets new Olympic record

    Aug 11, 2008

    BEIJING (Army News Service, Aug. 12, 2008) — Spc. Glenn Eller won the Gold Medal in double trap shooting Tuesday, setting an Olympic record with a total score of 190.

    Eller’s teammate, Spc. Jeff Holguin, finished fourth. Both Soldiers are members of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit based at Fort Benning, Ga.

    Way to go! What a great way to start an army career. A Specialist (SPC) is one rank below a Sergeant (SGT).

    The Rank of Specialist is awarded after a minimum of two years in the army. Recruits (like me) can come in as a Specialist if we have a college degree.

    Specialists are not non-commissioned officers(Corporals and above). However they can hold an NCO position, doing work above their rank/grade. A Specialist can be lateraly appointed to Corporal (CPL). That makes him or her a NCO.

    I suspect that Spc. Glenn Eller will pin on Sergeant’s stripes soon.


    p.s. rank vs. grade is another post 🙂

    Crossing the line? (UPDATED)

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    From Elise Labott
    Decrease font Decrease font
    Enlarge font Enlarge font

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Russia’s use of strategic bombers and ballistic missiles against Georgia’s civilians outside of the South Ossetian conflict is “far disproportionate” to Georgia’s alleged attack on Russian peacekeepers, a senior U.S. official said Saturday.
    An apartment building damaged by a Russian airstrike burns in the northern Georgian town of Gori.

    Russian military vehicles line the road to the South Ossetia area of Georgia.

    The official was not authorized to speak on the record due to the sensitive nature of the diplomacy.

    When the U.S. uses artillery in Iraq and Afghanistan, we are accused of war crimes.

    Ace of Spades has an interesting compare and contrast:

    The Chosen One:

    I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict. Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint, and to avoid an escalation to full scale war….

    John McCain:

    For many years, I have warned against Russian actions that undermine the sovereignty of its neighbors. Unfortunately, we have seen in recent days Russia demonstrate that these concerns were well-founded.

    While Obama talks about change and hope,John McCain deals with the reality of a hostile world. In many discussions with liberal friends, I bring up the hostile world we live in. These memes come up:

    1. it’s our fault
    2. people want peace. (usually said in a dreamy manner,or in condescending tones)
    3. it’s about greed and oil (usually America’s)
    4. LALALALAL I CAN”T HEAR YOU (pretending that the problems don’t exist)
    5. other problems are more important (a variant of the above)

    To which the best aswer is “Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum” (if you want peace prepare for war). I would like to live in a peaceful world. While defense spending (a hot topic among peaceniks) is large, it is nowhere near as large as (put together) the spending on all of the other programs. I hope the people of the world can grow out of war. But as a soldier I’m not holding my breath.

    As a father of two let me quote one of the founding fathers:

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace” Thomas Paine.


    Georgian breakaway city in ruins, via

    TSKHINVALI, South Ossetia (CNN) — Tskhinvali, the capital of the separatist Georgian province of South Ossetia, lay in smoldering ruins Sunday after three days of fighting between Georgian troops and Russian forces.
    A burning apartment building, damaged by a Russian airstrike, in the northern Georgian town of Gori.

    Russia’s deputy foreign minister said at least 2,000 people, mostly South Ossetians who claim Russian citizenship, have been killed in Tskhinvali.

    The fighting had spread well beyond South Ossetia, with Russian airstrikes on Georgian cities and with thousands of Russian troops in the breakaway province of Abkhazia.

  • Some analysis at Ace o’ Spades
  • U.S. Begins Flying Georgian Troops out of Iraq Fox News.
  • Russia Deploys Ships, Expands Georgia Bombing Blitz Fox News.
  • and lastly what is important to the Democrats:

  • Democrats Shrug Off Edwards’ Affair, Paternity Questions (yes it’s from Fox News, deal with it 😛 )
  • The Revenge of 3 to Chew On…the Chew Strikes Back! (updated with 3 moar!!!!!)

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    1. Edwards admits to extramarital affair I guess the Silk Pony needs to be gelded. (Source:
    2. Fighting with Russia spreads to cities across Georgia also fro Can’t they just get along?
    3. Via Michelle Malkin
      new Chinese Olympic Mascot

    MOAR!!!!!!! Continue reading


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    Alot of leftards whine and complains about Guantanamo. The prisons are harsh they say, waterboarding, etc..

    Here is some reality:


    Ralph Peters, New York Post

    The show preceding mine featured a young woman, Mahvish Rukhsana Khan, who’s published a book about the poor, innocent, kitten-loving prisoners at Guantanamo. Her interview climaxed with the claim that Guantanamo is the equivalent of the Holocaust.

    I guarantee you that no one from MoveOn or DailyKos questioned that outrageous comparison. (Nor did the patsy interviewer challenge it.)

    The Holocaust’s victims were 6 million innocents. The handful of prisoners at Guantanamo are accused terrorists. Guantanamo has no gas chambers; prisoners aren’t forced into slave labor. They aren’t tortured or starved or shot. And their trials are open to members of the press.

    George Orwell warned about language being used to shape debate. If you can’t verbalise dissent, if you can’t write about it, say it aloud or picture it, dissent is impossible.

    THe left says they are in favor of the “common man” but sure as sunrise they try to take away rights. Campus speech codes, “political correctness” and other “direct action” are code words for crushing dissent.

    A modest (oil) proposal…

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    looks like their might be a compromise on the energy front. Some Republicans (called “the Gang of 10”) are fronting this proposal: source

    A group of Republican and Democratic senators dubbed the “Gang of 10” has put forth a compromise to break the stalemate on energy legislation.

    The major components of the proposal include:

  • Expanding drilling opportunities off the East coast and Gulf of Mexico, which pleases Republicans
  • Keeping a ban on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a concession to Democrats
  • Repealing a tax break for oil companies that Democrats have long called for
  • Putting billions toward producing more alternative-fuel vehicles, in part paid for by the oil and gas industry
  • But backing the compromise carries the risk of angering some supporters of both candidates.

    Their was a minor revolt in the House over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dictatorial controlnot allowing debates on energy bills.

    John McCain, while leaning left at times, is in favor of drilling. The Chosen One however, needs the support the the radical NIMBY left. One again (FISA, Iraq, guns) he throws under the bus the left.

    Hopefully this deal will get for oil in the pipeline. If the republicans can get congress back maybe we can drill in ANWR too.

    Massad Ayoob on how (not) to kill people

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    Massad Ayoob.

    He is an expert in shooting and more importantly, what happens after the bullet hits someone. Not a paper target, not a deer, but a person.

    I came across his wikipedia entry while surfing and then stumbled upon this little gem of an article:

    Finishing School
    The New Hampshire seminar to take when you absolutely, positively need to kill someone tomorrow By By Chris Wright.

    ..If you pore through one of the country’s many glossy gun mags — Guns and Ammo, American Gunner, Gun Digest, Gun World — you will find instructors willing to teach you how to hit a target, and courses that purport to integrate that skill into self-defense techniques. More serious are the handful of genuine firearms academies in America: Defense Training International in Laport, Colorado; the Gunsite Training Center in Paulden, Arizona; the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts; Thunder Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas; and Yavapai Firearms Academy in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

    And then there is the Lethal Force Institute.

    Continue reading