Middle East Round up.

Middle East roundup/rant:

  1. Pakistan admits that the ISI is linked to the Taliban. Like all dictators, Pervez Musharraf needs a strong gestapo-like agency to maintain power. But the ISI has been infiltrated by radicals who hate the west. They supported the Taliban.

    The left is trying to lose this war too. They were against the Afghan campaign from the start.

    Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan does have a parallel to Vietnam. The Vietcong and North Vietnam were supported by the former Soviet Union. From bullets and bombs to technical expertise, the USSR propped up a war effort the U.S. defeated several times. History must not repeat in Afghanistan. Musharraf must be encouraged to purge the ISI and his government of radical elements. They are aiding the Taliban and by extension, Al-Qaida.

    h/t:Michelle Malkin

  2. Is “Hope and Change” only tissue thin? When even the Washington Post is calling out a lightweight, things are looking bad. Honestly, what has the man done besides be a senate back bencher? The rise for rookie senator to presidential candidate makes a nice made for TV movie but not a president(IMO, Obama is more like those made for tv horror movies where disaster strikes when people least expect it, epically Obama).

    h/t:Ace O’ Spades

  3. Fussing and feuding in the Gaza strip:Powerline gives us a story where Palestinian gangs fight each other. With guns and explosives. Where to the innocent people flee?
    Israel. They even opened borders to let them in.
  4. From the Jawa report, MilBlogs TV’s report on The Anbar Awaking. Check it out.
  5. The Left demonstrates against a war that doesn’t exist, “Stop the War With Iran Protesters March on Times Square” via Gateway Pundit.

    This rankles me. Iranian help has killed American soldiers. They have missiles that can hit Israel and Europe. Their leader denies the holocust and want to wipe Israel off the map. It is the mullas that want war, not the U.S. Yet again angry left-tards protest against the country that puts up with them.


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