Massad Ayoob on how (not) to kill people

Massad Ayoob.

He is an expert in shooting and more importantly, what happens after the bullet hits someone. Not a paper target, not a deer, but a person.

I came across his wikipedia entry while surfing and then stumbled upon this little gem of an article:

Finishing School
The New Hampshire seminar to take when you absolutely, positively need to kill someone tomorrow By By Chris Wright.

..If you pore through one of the country’s many glossy gun mags — Guns and Ammo, American Gunner, Gun Digest, Gun World — you will find instructors willing to teach you how to hit a target, and courses that purport to integrate that skill into self-defense techniques. More serious are the handful of genuine firearms academies in America: Defense Training International in Laport, Colorado; the Gunsite Training Center in Paulden, Arizona; the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts; Thunder Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas; and Yavapai Firearms Academy in Prescott Valley, Arizona.

And then there is the Lethal Force Institute.

Now you would think that this is written from a pro-gun control point of view. Not so. the author talks about how
Ayoob explains the reality of self-defense in America.

If you do shoot an attacker, he warns, a typical legal defense will cost upwards of six figures. And the ordeal doesn’t end with financial ruin. Kill someone, and your friends and neighbors will instinctively turn their backs on you. “The newspapers are not going to write GOOD GUYS ONE, SCUMBAGS NIL,” Ayoob says, “but MAN HELD IN SLAYING. Society doesn’t say, ‘You put this beast in the dirt where he belonged.’ Society will make you feel like a murderer. You killed a citizen.”

To those anti-gun folks and those who want to take their guns to the KFC, I would recommend this course. When my battery first trained on the new Iraq & Afghanistan rules of engagement we learned the following:

  • Shout.
  • Show
  • Shove
  • Shoot

From implied threats to actually shooting someone. When you pull the trigger or launch the missile, the round cannot be called back. Soldiers must be able to follow rules of engagement.

At least with a Patriot missile, they can be destroyed in flight if a mistake is made. However the humans at the controls are ultimately responsible.

When you have a weapon in your hand or your finger on the button, you realize the power you have. And the real ultimate power come from knowing when not to use it.


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  1. Timothy Alessi Says:

    Very true.

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