A modest (oil) proposal…

looks like their might be a compromise on the energy front. Some Republicans (called “the Gang of 10”) are fronting this proposal: source :CNN.com

A group of Republican and Democratic senators dubbed the “Gang of 10” has put forth a compromise to break the stalemate on energy legislation.

The major components of the proposal include:

  • Expanding drilling opportunities off the East coast and Gulf of Mexico, which pleases Republicans
  • Keeping a ban on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a concession to Democrats
  • Repealing a tax break for oil companies that Democrats have long called for
  • Putting billions toward producing more alternative-fuel vehicles, in part paid for by the oil and gas industry
  • But backing the compromise carries the risk of angering some supporters of both candidates.

    Their was a minor revolt in the House over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dictatorial controlnot allowing debates on energy bills.

    John McCain, while leaning left at times, is in favor of drilling. The Chosen One however, needs the support the the radical NIMBY left. One again (FISA, Iraq, guns) he throws under the bus the left.

    Hopefully this deal will get for oil in the pipeline. If the republicans can get congress back maybe we can drill in ANWR too.


    2 Responses to “A modest (oil) proposal…”

    1. Hey, I just wanted to say that, speaking as a Liberal, the joint oil bill above has a lot of concessions that the republicans weren’t willing to make before congress’s ‘summer’ and I wouldn’t be surprised if Pelosi supports it when they get back. The presidential candidate I support, I believe you called him the ‘chosen one’, approves this bill as the compromise that it is. So for different reasons and for both our sakes, let us hope this gains traction. What you and other Conservatives think of the oil man T. Picken’s energy plan?

    2. chockblock Says:

      Solar ad sound promising, but they are vastly inefficient. Only 10% or less of Solar energy is converted to voltage. Wind is at the mercy of climate. I remember a diagram from a 1960’s-era science text showing how much energy makes if from the power plant (a hydro dam) to your home. Less then 30% due to electrical resistance, heat and the laws of physics.

      That said we should invest in wind & solar but that is not the be all end all. Natural gas still pollutes. Nuclear is the best bet for energy (France and the rest of Europe are investing in nuke plants).

      We need to drill. “Peak oil” is scare mongering, but the need for oil remains. Oil makes plastics too. It can be done safely. Uncap the wells and drill more. Alternative energy needs more research, but in the mean time we can put the wind farms up. Here at Fort Bliss the Army is trying to get some alternative energy going.

      Sounds good but we need to drill here.

      Any cute baby seal can be taken care of by my sergeant and 2,000 round of ammo. JK LOL

      Ssrly, wind and solar are the future but the present needs more drilling.

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