Alot of leftards whine and complains about Guantanamo. The prisons are harsh they say, waterboarding, etc..

Here is some reality:


Ralph Peters, New York Post

The show preceding mine featured a young woman, Mahvish Rukhsana Khan, who’s published a book about the poor, innocent, kitten-loving prisoners at Guantanamo. Her interview climaxed with the claim that Guantanamo is the equivalent of the Holocaust.

I guarantee you that no one from MoveOn or DailyKos questioned that outrageous comparison. (Nor did the patsy interviewer challenge it.)

The Holocaust’s victims were 6 million innocents. The handful of prisoners at Guantanamo are accused terrorists. Guantanamo has no gas chambers; prisoners aren’t forced into slave labor. They aren’t tortured or starved or shot. And their trials are open to members of the press.

George Orwell warned about language being used to shape debate. If you can’t verbalise dissent, if you can’t write about it, say it aloud or picture it, dissent is impossible.

THe left says they are in favor of the “common man” but sure as sunrise they try to take away rights. Campus speech codes, “political correctness” and other “direct action” are code words for crushing dissent.


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