The Revenge of 3 to Chew On…the Chew Strikes Back! (updated with 3 moar!!!!!)

  1. Edwards admits to extramarital affair I guess the Silk Pony needs to be gelded. (Source:
  2. Fighting with Russia spreads to cities across Georgia also fro Can’t they just get along?
  3. Via Michelle Malkin
    new Chinese Olympic Mascot


  1. Via Patterico: National Enquirer scoops the “mainstream “press Maybe the other papers should be sold at the checkout counter?
  2. Liberals target conservatives in Hollywood and GOP donors, who’s the real Fascist?
  3. Chinese man takes male enhancement then does push ups over metal grate….it hurts just thinking about it. h/t: Jawa Report

  • Loony Lefttards Heart broken that one of the BFF’s got caught…h/t
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