Chew on this: War is bad Extra Shooty Edition

Chew on this (just don’t hit any UXO):

  1. Via xbradtc :
    Russian-Georgian War Update

    As of this morning, the Soviets Russians have announced a cease fire and claim they have halted attacks on Georgia.

  2. Wikipedia weights in:2008 South Ossetia war

    This article documents ongoing warfare.
    Information might change rapidly and initially be unconfirmed as the conflict evolves.
    This article or section may be slanted towards recent events.
    Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective.
    The length of this article or section may adversely affect readability.
    Please discuss this issue on the talk page, split the content into subarticles, and keep this page in a summary style.

    They’re even fighting over their wiki entry…

  3. Jawa Report: Russian-Georgian cyberwar:
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Their side of the story.
  5. Applebaum on Georgia This could blow up in everyones facs (Source LGF)
  6. OMG GET A CLUE…..

    Bush slams Russia ‘invasion’
    Financial Times:
    By our International Staff

    Published: August 12 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 12 2008 03:00

    President George W. Bush last night accused Russia of invading Georgia and said Moscow appeared to be mounting an effort to overthrow the “duly elected government” in Tbilisi.

    WTF? Tanks, ballistic missiles and heavy bombers are not gifts of love…(just ask my wife 🙂 )

    h/t NewsBusters

  7. Tinfoil hat time, from Confederate Yankee:HuffPo: War in Georgia Engineered To Help McCain
    Source from HuffPo:

    In classic “Wag The Dog” scenario there is a neat little war brewing between American and Russian proxies, and real Russian troops, in the Caucacus Mountains on the Russian border.

    It couldn’t come at a better time for the Republicans.

    ZOMG!! You are a suxxor! Russia and Georigia are fighting for the lulz…McCain commands their forces from his mountain lair.

    Ssrly..dude, switch to a less toxic brand of crack.

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