Swiming in Dangerous Waters

China, India and many other Asian nations are in the midst of a mini-arms race. They fly Su-27 derivatives. Many are concerned that the U.S. response many not be up to meeting the new jets:

A U.S. air-warfare simulation pitting F-35 Joint Strike Fighters versus the latest Russian Su-35 heavy fighters resulted in a clear victory … for the Russians. “The JSF had been clubbed like baby seals by the simulated Sukhois,” one Australian opposition politician said, quoting a source close to the simulation.

In other news, China develops a new ballistic anti-ship missile.

The new Navy ships are not up to this new threat:

Navy Retreats from Shoreline Warfare
By David Axe

Kearsarge_from_ch53e_aug_11_2008 Just last week the U.S. Navy accepted the first of its new shallow-water-fighting “Littoral Combat Ships,” the late and over-budget Freedom. But that doesn’t mean the Navy is truly committed to dominating shallow waters, despite the endless rhetoric that has flowed from the Pentagon in recent years.

Oh yes, Pakistan may have fired at U.S. choppers when they are not aiding the Taliban by air.

So where does that leave us in Uniform? Life is gonna get interesting. After Iran gets the bomb, war may be sure to follow. Temping as it may be, their nuclear status is but a part of the picture. Asia threatens to explode. North Korea has helped Iran. China has helped out their military. Russia and Croatia sold or may have sold them the S-300. China has it and the HQ-9 derived from U.S. technology.

As the world gets smaller, several nations are getting more and more militant. Russia’s little jaunt Georgia,into South Ossetia shows that the bear is back. Not as strong as he was but his baaaack! We can’t talk ourselves out of this, that’s what THEY want us to do. We have to stand up and fight when the time comes. Those of us who wear kevlar to work will have a busy decade. As long as Congress and the DOD give us the gear, we’ll make it. But we need to look at the long haul.

The current wall st. mess is bad, but these clowns did themselves in, with all those bad loans and some clowns in congress who let them do it.

We need a leader not someone who will not take the time out from building his cult campaigning to deal with the economy.

I don’t know about hope but we’ll see a lot of change in the next few years.

BTW: Via In From the Cold:

Half-Way There

The chief of research for Israeli military intelligence estimates that Iran is “halfway” to obtaining its first nuclear bomb.

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