Chew on this: Man vs. Bear Edition (with a 1996 update)

Tasty links, now with bear meat! :

  1. From Doubleplusundead:

    B.C. man comes out swinging in bear attack

    A Cariboo, B.C., man who was attacked by a bear says he used a stick to put up the fight of his life after he realized he was likely in a fight to the death.

    “I swung my piece of wood like a sledgehammer driving spikes and I kept swinging till she was lying flat on the ground and there was blood coming out of her nose,” said West.

    The five-foot-nine man eventually crushed the bear’s skull with the stick, killing it.

    That’s right he killed a bear with his bare hands. BAAAADASS!

  2. Microsoft to fix the stuipd UAC in Windows 7? I’ll believe it when I see it. (source Maximumpc.coom)
  3. Las Vegas ACORN office raided in voter-fraud probe

    AS VEGAS — Nevada authorities seized records Tuesday from a group they accused of submitting fraudulent voter-registration forms — including for the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys.

    (via Doubleplusundead:)

  4. Why are all those GOP/Bush/Iraq war protesters so angry? Maybe because they are mugging for the media’s cameras? Perhaps they are planted there to throw bombs disrupt the democratic process and make friends with our enemies.
  5. Troopergate II: The revenge Of Sara Palin, it turns out that while Gov. Palin may have abuse her influence, she did not break the law when she fired that state trooper. The top attack dog in Alaska may have some explaining to do, because he is a fake marine.
  6. About that Sara Plain high school report card– Gawker I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE!!!
  8. Another tree falls in the forest: Oil at $78 a barrel
  9. N.Y. Times Finally Smells Something Fishy on Obama’s Dubious Donors List (via News Obama using foreign money? NAW…
  10. LFG calls’em like they see’em: Austrian Fascist Leader Dies in Car Crash, calls him a:champion of the far-right , I guess Nazis are ok if they are very far away.
  11. WaPo Blames Lack of Iraq Coverage on ‘Financial Strains’ Faced by Media, Story Too ‘Complex’ For Them: From Newsbusters, I guess the tears of the soldiers families and the walls cumming down don’t sell papers.
  12. What does sell papers:
    August 27, 1996, Democratic National Convention In Chicago:

    Bernardine Dohrn and William Ayers took to the streets 28 years ago to protest what they considered the injustices in the world, especially the war in Vietnam.

    The former leaders of the Weather Underground still are fighting injustice, but–adapting to the changing landscape of American politics–their current arena is the World Wide Web.

    another from Newsbusters, I guess back then, terrorism was cool.

  13. btw: Russia just tested a new missile (Via Jawa)

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