Chew on this: Do you realize?

  1. Someone has O.J.’s NFL ring, quick check your junk drawer.
  2. A nonresident Obama campaign worker, temporarily in Ohio illegally signs up to vote and then does so. yet it’s not important to make the news? h/t: Ace
  3. A reporter for the New York Times, Jodi Kantor , lies and manipulates a 16 year old girl to get the dirt on John McCain’s youngest daughter, Bridgette. What, was that Lori Drew woman unavailable?
  4. Bastards: Obama Cultist Takes Sign from McCain/Palin Supporter And Bashes Her In the Face With It; Media Not Interested, Too Busy Conjuring “Kill Him!” Shouts out of Thin Air

  5. So let me get this straight….Obama has a tax plan where:

    currently families get a $1,000 per child tax credit. Now, the CBO baseline assumes that credit drops to $500 per child in 2011. So if the Obama Administration keeps the credit at $1,000 – which means the family pays the same as they always have – it counts as a “tax cut.” I know you understand all this, but it drives me batty how intellectually dishonest the mainstream media has been in covering the tax issue in this election.

    H/T: Confederate Yankee

  6. A 12 year old Sara Palin fan is racist because she wore apro-Sarah Palin t-shirt.
    WE MUST EXPOSE THIS THOUGHT CRIMINAL AND SAVE BIG BROTHER,,errr Barack Obama… h/t:Confederate Yankee
  7. The leftist vultures and sharks circle around Joe the Plumber. Wow, this many must be very powerful if all those people hate him, he must be running for office or something right?
  8. Joe Biden says that we are “one country”, tell that to these people.
  9. Enjoy these toon’s by Michael Ramirez

and now some Flaming Lips:


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