The difference between Red and Blue:

ever since 2004, we have been hearing about “red vs. blue” (leave Halo out of this!). Some try to cast it in fight between uneducated country bumpkins, bitterly clinging to “guns and religion” vs. the urban city dwellers who are more “educated”, more liberal etc.

The reality is that in the “flyover country”, those small towns, people are very conservative.

A township that digs its own wells and plows its own roads is less susceptible to the beguiling notion that everything necessary in life is a mysterious “government service” to be provided by faceless bureaucrats far away.
Cocoon: The Return Mark Steyn

When I lived in New Mexico, I saw many examples of government waste. Schools would want for basic repairs by some sate legislator would push through “pork barrel” projects to benefit the businesses that paid for his election. And yet in 1994 Gary Johnson was elected as governor. Democrats and many liberals thought that he was a fat cat trying to enrich his company Big J. Others feared that he would slash education.

In fact the state lottery blossomed during his terms, sending hundreds of students to sate colleges and universities. As the child of county and government employees, I was waiting for the ax to fall, it never did. Instead Santa Fe focused on the business of running the state.

The exception however was counties, school districts and cities run by democrats. Huge cuts in education, city services and slashed budgets occurred when they tried to practice liberail policies just like their East or Left, er West coast counterparts. Even funnier, several
counties, school districts and cities get steady paycheck from the Department of Defense. White Sands leases land just north of the missile range, enabling ranchers and the local school to get by financially each year. DOD, Dept. of energy, Sandia, Los Alamos each lease or rent land and services all over New Mexico. The thanks they get? Environmentalist wackos and anti-war nuts protesting at their gates. Politicians taking about cutting the defense budget or closing nuke plants. But with out that money, their towns would be bankrupt. They aren’t elite, their idiots.

Cocooned indeed.

H/T: Ace o’ Spades

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