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Chew On this: Dressed For Success Edition w/more flair!

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Tasty Linx and a HUGE wardrobe bill:

  1. Enough already! I get it! the Left’s “Republican are rich a–holes who spend to much money on stuff” meme is not a dead horse, but a greasy spot where a horse carcass used to be. Pulease! RNC you do not have pour gasoline on that campfire. Just fund the campaign and get McCain and Palin into the Whitehouse…
  2. police around the country are preparing for the worst if Obama loses this election. Confederate Yankee suspects that the media’s outright campaigning for Obama will cause his people to go nuts and burn down the country they hoped to change.
  3. Russia will sell surface to air missiles to Syria despite international objections. The U.S. may sell the Global Hawk to South Korea and India is moving it’s best jet fighters closer to China and Pakistan, as those two countries beef up their armed forces.
    Iran may ATTACK Israel this year. Here comes Obama’s pop quiz (for us in uniform it’s more of a final exam)
  4. A dead goldfish gets to vote in Illinois! ACORN’s own legal counsel finds illegalities and Pennsylvania may not want hope and change after all.
  5. According to Ace: Even Obama’s website makes fraudulent donations easy

    Draw up the impeachment papers. If Obama wins, we should be ready.

    This is the deliberate evasion of campaign finance rules. It’s shocking the media never checked before — and apparently isn’t even checking now.

    Note: This is quite deliberate. The Address Verification System has to be specifically disabled to allow this fraud:

    more at Ace O’Spades

  6. A lest of the technological greatest his and missesof the war on terror.
  7. Obama’s friends, the people who’s kids when to his kids schools planned to
    kill 25 million Americans who would not join the revolution back in the 1960’s. Hope, change, and concentrations camps.
  8. New York times stocks get downgraded, but at least the paper itself is good for lining birdcages

and now some Johnny Cash: “Hurt”