Chew on this: Get off my lawn edition!

Tasty links and a warning to stay off the grumpy old senator’s lawn:

    • Over at Ace:

    • Associated Press – October 24, 2008 7:15 PM ET

      OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Recalling a run-in 25 years ago with a group accused of voter registration irregularities, U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe says protesters scattered when he warned them to leave his home in one minute or “I’ll kill all of you.”

    • Obama Partisans in Ohio Goverment Agencies Illegally Pawed Through Joe the Plumber’s Private Records.
    • Even Russia says our press is biased.
  1. It was 25 years ago when my 1st grade teacher told us about the attack on U.S. Marines in Beirut. Never Forget.
  2. A Chew on this frist, a lib hits one out of the park!

    H/T: Michelle Malkin
  3. McCain-Palin supporters are being attacked, vandalism you can believe in.
  4. Obama on record sharing the same valuesas an anti-American communist. Their is video of Obama attending an anti-Israel rally with a terrorist that the MSM refuses to release. H/T:Gateway Pundit
  5. Ratergate figure Mary Mapes proclaims the death of the rightwing blogosphere. We beg to differ. We’re no dead, your candidate just smells funny
  6. ABC News’ Malone: Ashamed To Be Known As a ‘Journalist’, H/T: LGF, did he not get Mary Mapes’ memo?

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