When big brother beats on the little guy: Joe The Plumber vs. The Chosen one

So why is it that Obama’s supporters are so afraid of one man?

Helen Jones-Kelly a $2300 contributor to the Barack Obama campaign, may have abused her powers as state agency director to check the state child-support computer system for Joe. A Toledo police clerk is charged with doing a similar illegal search of Joe’s records.

He is just one man. So what if people like him. They’ll vote for Obama anyway right? The blogs will go away. Forget right wing radio. The fairness doctrine will make them do away right?

Wrong. The fact that you are using the power of the state to crush one man who dared to question a presidential candidate. These people know better. They are using nukes to settle a barfight. Anything goes because they either don’t care or they know that Obama is an empty suit. This is not hope, or change. It is a police state.

I fear for the future because Obama does noting about this.

H/T: Little Green Footballs and Michelle Malkin.


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