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Chew On This: Time is running out!!!!!!!!!

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Tasty links just before the election:

  1. National Review Online rakes the MSM over the coals for their fawning, yes-man behavior around the empty suit know as Barack Obama.
  2. from LGF: Zombie and a few of his friends have uncovered the Weathermen’s long term plans for the USA. And Obama still associates with these people.
  3. Those MSM reporters who do not fawn over Obama or fail to faint in his presence get kicked off the plane.
  4. Obama tries to hide his illegal alien aunt living in a Boston slum. Epic fail! Ace sez: Sort of sums up his entire candidacy, doesn’t it?”
  5. BTW: she’s a fugitive
  6. I for one would like to see Sara Palin in a bikini.
  7. While Mccain wants to defend the country, Obama want to take a vacation from history. Of course you and I will pay the bill.
  8. From LGF: Seattle Paper Publishes Addresses of Homes with GOP Signs, calls them “Hell Houses”. If you can’t trust the alternative, tin foil hat wearing stoner media who can you trust?
  9. Obama Promises San Francisco Audience He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry: Gateway Pundit
  10. Pope meets with Stephen Hawking, snubs creationists. LGF

and now 2001 and Orbital:

M-4, M-16 and other rifles Part III: What can take their place?

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One of the big knocks against the M-16/M-4 family is that it uses a system called “direct impingement” to cycle the weapon. Gas is tapped by a small hole under the front sight, directed via a stainless steel tube, and then strikes the bolt and bolt carrier directly. This causes carbon to build up rapidly and the weapon needs frequent cleaning and judicious use of lubrication. Most semi-automatic and automatic rifles use a piston system, where the gas instead strikes a piston that drives a rod connected to the bolt to cycle the weapon. While this reduces carbon buildup, it does mean more parts and weight.

XBradTC on why the Army is looking into an M-4 replacement. politics is one factor that delayed the M-4 replacement. Colt pitched a fit when the Army Times ran it’s story about the HK-416.

But now the Army is taking a look at retiring the black rifle. The potential replacements today are:

  1. The XM-8
  2. The HK-416
    , basically it’s just an M-16 with a gas piston instead of a gas tube.
  3. The FN SCAR
  4. M-4 like rifles made by the following: LWRC, Bushmaster and Barrett Firearms

    courtesy Barrett Firearms

    MODEL REC7 from Barrett Firearms

  5. Colt, how for years dragged their feet on gas pistons now has their Advanced Hybrid Carbine (AHC). It’s a Gas-Impingement/Gas Piston Hybrid Weapon. Their automatic rifle for the marines however is a gas-impingement weapon.
  6. Even Italy has a dog in the fight: the Beretta ARX-160 Carbine.

So who will win the marbles?

Vote and don’t forget to vote Nov 4th!