America at the crossroads….a challange to all you on the left

Well, I saw the returns at out local coffee shop, Barrack Husein Obama is our next president. I did not vote for Ceorge W. Bush in the 2000 primaries. i voted for him in the 2000 election, in Florida no less. I think…

I voted for him again in 2004. Both Democratic opponents were wishy-washy citizens of the world. The were more concerned about liberal talking points (gun control, disarmament, environmental wackiness, wealth “redistribution”) than helping a schlub like me.

America has a right to be mad about the finicial meltdown. Our government failed us. The regulators and congress were in bed with the crazy finicial cowboys who caused this mess. I did not like Clinton, we was too weak. It was his legislation that opened the door for this mess after all. He was so focused on riding good economic times that he let muslim fanatics and rogue nations slip through his fingers.

Well played guys. You one the marbles. But please try and control your supporters, the press is staring to notice them. Try and govern from the center. Your drooling fanboys can’t help you create workable policy. Try and go easy on the stock market, even though they are justifiably scared of your economic policies. You took so much money from big business, your populist claims ring hollow. Furthormore, just because your socialist pal won the White House, it does not make your sudden patriotism cool. Just phony. Are you going to send more Washington insiders to the White House?

It’s a very dangerous world out there. The bad guys are making nice while they buy new weapons, dangerous weapons. How will our forces cope with the future? How will you fix the economy? What about defense spending? Health Care? How will it all play out? What is the Plan? Tell me please. As a active duty service member your policies affect me everyday.

Don’t just slam my comment section with hate and vitriol about how BushMchaliburtonHitler waterboared and bombed the world. tell me, show me how you will deal with Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Columbia, Russia. OMG what will you do if Iran develops nuclear weapons? What about North Korea. Mr. President elect, Kos, MSNBC, pundits and bloggers. You had eight years to tell me what was wrong. Now show me how you are going to fix this mess, give specifics, and add up the costs. Post in the comments and I’ll link to your blog in a follow up article.

p.s. “Cutting defense spending” is a lie. Your congressmen and women will never kill projects in their home states and they actually read the threat briefings. We need a military, you have the keys.


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