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ATTN Wired: Give it up already

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Missile defense works. A THAAD unit has stood up at Fort Bliss. They are ready to go. I have met soldiers from the National Missile Defense (yes they exist). We are all Air Defenders. Our systems work. We are well trained and very proficient in our tasks and drills. But that does not mean anything to Wired. We are just another pork program that they are placing in the pentagon deadpool once Obama takes office.

Wired, stick to reviewing Ipods and telling me that indie rock to listen to (not that I pay attention). Your defense “analysis” have been harping on the same i”it won’t work” mantra over and over. Iran, North Korea, China and Russia are testing, fielding and selling more and more deadly missiles. Israel, Tiawan , South Korea, Japan and even the U.S. may be targeted by ballistic missiles.

The flight tests have been solid. Many soldiers wear this badge:

Master Space and Missile Operations Badge

Space and Missile badge

That badge is not a piece of costume jewely. It means that those soldiers are trained to shoot down enemy missiles aimed at the U.S. and our allies. Patriot intercepted all missiles within it’s capability during the Iraq war. New features have been added, we train to fight.

Wired, all you have had to offer is snark. You claim that a missile test was rigged (and got called to the carpet for it). You let leftist critics hammer the good work of our men and women in uniform. Soldiers are taking over the tests now. We have no finical stake in the defense industry, other than making sure we know what we are doing.

But that does not matter. No, you sat on the sidelines during the 1990’s. Iran, North Korea and China improved their missile technology. But somehow were are powerless to stop them. Once again the party line:

But an Obama adviser painted a dramatically different picture of the exchange, reporting that “President Kaczynski raised missile defense, but President-elect Obama made no commitment on it.” The incoming president, he added, “supports deploying a missile defense system when the technology is proved to be workable.”

That’s a typical trope of missile defense opponents, and it likely reveals Obama’s real views on missile defense. Opponents of missile defense use words like “workable” and “proven” to set such a high standard for missile defense that anything less than a 100-percent intercept rate means the system is “unproven” or “unworkable.”

It works. Several of my sergeants and commanders have ‘combat patches” (unit patches work on the right shoulder). They got them form shooting down scud missiles in the Iraq war and in Desert Storm. They (and I) will be ready. We stand ready to face the coming middle east missile crisis. You guys should stick to reviewing over priced gizmos and talentless emo rockers.

btw, in case you missed it:

other nations are invested in missile defense too:
Isreal Patriot Missile Launch