Chew on this: Turkey Day Edition

Tasty links with gravy!

  1. NBC cuts scientists from the Weather Channel, hires un-credentialed leftist to run “Green” promotion. Saving money, cutting that pesky science.
  2. Ten random politically incorrect thoughts. Get’em now before they make’em illegal
  3. Citibank runs itself into the ground, losses lots of money, gets a bail out. WTF???
  4. Turkeys do not spring fourth in the grocer’s freezer clean and tidy. Ya gotta kill’em before you grill’em! Turkey tastes good! Sara Palin approves this message
  5. Couple sues McDolands over their galactic stupidity nude cell phone pics leaked on the internet.
  6. the Associated Press cheers on the pirates killing off the coast of Somalia. Yet again they associate with such nice people.
  7. Social Conservatives and Libertians unite! for great justice…
  8. The New Deal was neither new nor a deal. Now Barack Obama wants another one. discuss.
  9. Time magazine’s Mark Halperin is SHOCKED! SHOCKED! to find media bias.
  10. Eliot Spitzer’s hooker: it’s the same as dating, except I can pay my rent Wow, just wow…(bangs head on desk)
  11. internets more trusted than traditional media! Take that MSM!
  12. NASA PR0N!!!!
  13. Obama keeps Bush-era political office. Steeping forward to 2001.
  14. Bush was not snubed by world leaders — CNN Traditional media, however, is being snubbed in favor of the internet.

This is a good reason to favor the internet:

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