Mumbai and the New President

Mumbai was hit with one of the worst terrorist attacks in India, indeed all of Asia, in recent memory. The brutality was compounded by the use of technology and the hatred of the attackers.

Are we up for another 9/11? I hope not. WHile everyone focuses on the economy, the evil and vile are plotting. is Obama up for the challenge? many have their doubts:

A plan to survive the Obama years

by: Z. Dwight Billingsly
(h/t: Gateway Pundit)

Bill Kristol, writing in The Weekly Standard, reminded me that every 16 years we get a Democrat president with no experience in national security or international affairs who’s elected after Republican presidents have made and kept America safe: After Eisenhower, we got Kennedy; after Nixon/Ford, we got Carter; after Reagan/Bush, we got Clinton. And after Bush II, we get Barack Obama.

Every strong Republican president who succeeded in protecting America has allowed Americans to become complacent about national security, thereby opening the door for weak Democrats who allowed enemies to threaten and attack America without penalty. Obama will be no different, and Americans will have to learn again that there can be no economic security without national security.

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