To President Obama,

Mr. President, you have my full support form 20 Jan 2009 to 20 Jan 2013. You are now in charge of the finest Army in the world. I have tanked you to task before when you were a candidate, I saw you staff parroting the party line about the military and the wars we are in.

However you have shown that you are able to change. You will be briefed on the missiles that our enemies are pointing at the U.S. and our allies. Several briefings will cover new critical gear for the U.S. military. Our airforce, army, marines and navy find their aircraft and ships are wearing out, ground vehicles nearing the end of their useful lives.

As an air defender, my brothers and sisters have taken so much unfair criticism from the press and those on the left end of the political spectrum. But we go to work, deploy and come home. We proved ourselves in Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and will do so again. Where ever you see fit to send us, we’ll go.

As president, you are my commander in chief. You are now in charge of the finest air and missile defense in the world. THAAD, Patriot, NMD, C-RAM may be so much alphabet soup now, but these are the system by which the U.S. Army Air defense artillery defense the free world. Some systems are so new we have to peel the factory stickers off of equipment, but rest assured, we are at your call, night and day.

I may post links from other web sites who criticize your policies. I will never criticize you as a president or a person. Not only is it against the UCMJ, but name calling is best left in the past.

Good Luck Mr. President, your air defenders stand ready.



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