Dissent is still patriotic

As our new president takes charge in his first 100 days, one cannont help but wonder if it is okay to criticize the new movement for change sweeping the land.
Is dissent still patriotic? by David Harsanyi :

Do all Americans truly have a yearning to fundamentally “remake” our nation? There must be a subversive minority out there that still believes the United States — even with its imperfections and sporadic recessions — is, in context, still a wildly prosperous and free country worth preserving.

To be fair, I’m uncertain what Obama is going to require of me during these next four to eight years. I do know, right off the bat, that if he passes his centerpiece trillion-dollar, ideologically driven government expansion (in the guise of a “stimulus” plan), he will be demanding my grandchildren work overtime to pay it off — and that’s after they’re done paying Bush’s tab.

Obama challenges Americans to have “a willingness to find meaning in something greater than themselves.” So if you find massive concentrated power in Washington a turn-on, you’ve found your higher purpose.

It’s not that those of us on the right hate the guy. He is my commander in chief. But the policies of the left seem to be a choice between spend our way out of problems or do the exact opposite of what the Republicans are doing.

My father worker for a defense contractor in the 1990’s, those lean years for defense. The problem he had with Clinton was not just that he was cutting defense, but his first 100 days seems to be more about being 180 degrees opposite from Bush (41), his predecessor, than being president.

For the past eight years we have had “dissent is patriotic” thrown at us. While George W. Bush was in office, the left screamed bloody murder when the right talked about morals. But how the worm does turn.

With President Obama, it is not right to question a call to service or his administration. While I cannot comment on the man himself, others are questioning the people that the left are trying to place in his cabinet.

So while I am willing to give our new president a chance, I will not give the left the next four years off. I will not be kind to those who hide behind “hope and change”, patriotism and a “call to service” now that we have a Democratic in the White House.

We never got a break in the past eight years. The media savaged us on the right and those of us in uniform. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we are supposed to be silent while those in power get a free pass? I don’t think so.

Dissent is still patriotic. No one is above constructive criticism or above the law.
Despite what turbo Tax says.

Again David Harsanyi:

But surely, most of you have found meaning in something greater than yourselves long before some politician demanded it.

To require such fealty to power in the name of patriotism was once repugnant to the left. Now, with the right guy in charge, apparently it can once again be embraced.
Change, indeed.

H/T: Hot Air, Big Hollywood and Gate Way Pundit.

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