War and Pieces II: Why I can’t stand the loony Left and the rabid Right

So you are new to the internet. Or you have a myspace, facebook and/or a blog. Or you were there when the web was all text, and remember usenet (don’t forget to take your brain medicine you old geezer). You go on the message boards. You read the blogs. You believe that: Aids was created in a CIA laboratory, that Princess Diana was murdered by the Secret Intelligence Service, and that the 9/11 attack on New York was orchestrated by the Bush administration.

You suck. No really, you are a flaming idiot.

That is called counterknowledge.

The author Damian Thompson has labelled the phenomenon “counterknowledge”. This includes the propagation of totally false legends. They may well stem from a completely unbalanced person who genuinely believes in a conspiracy — usually a government one — and who, through the internet, makes it sound plausible to tens of thousands, even to millions of others who also have grievances and are eager to believe the worst. This is done by seizing upon one or two minor discrepancies in a government report, then joining up all the wrong dots to create a monstrous fable that runs completely counter to the facts.

Read the article in the Sunday Times. Just because you can post, wikipedia or youtube anything, that does not make it true. All the yelling and shouting, the absence of evidence and bad press you guys get does not make your case. In fact, history as refuted you.

The loony left and rabid right are coming together in a perfect storm of idiocy, Holocaust deniers find a welcome audience witht he destroy Israel crowd. From blogs, Facebook to street protests, their bile knows no barrier, no bounds.

But you people are still stupid.

(h/t: Counterknowledge)

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