Change or Else III: The Media Strikes BACK!


I’m sick of people knocking embarrassing videos off YouTube with bogus copyright violation claims.

The latest culprit is CNN, a network that was recently embarrassed by a video of reporter Susan Roesgen cutting off tea-party protestors in Chicago, and assailing them with silly liberal talking points. The blog Founding Bloggers showed up on scene and caught her in further arguments with angry citizens who noted her biased coverage. I posted the Founding Bloggers video on Thursday.

At CNN, Frank Sesno scolded Fox News and defended that “reporters” performance. However that’s not enough, CNN has to bring on the lawsuits to keep this embarrassment under wraps.

Patterico fires back:

“In the meantime, I encourage every reader with a YouTube account to upload this video to YouTube. I encourage every blogger reading this to embed this same video to your own site.

We have to stop these thugs from reading fair use out of the law whenever they’re embarrassed.”

Only the people can hold the media machine to the fire.

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