War and Peace: When the Give Peace a Chance Left Meets Reality

It seems that the Pacific ocean is becoming a very nasty neighborhood. The Chinese are building up their navy and air force. They used to be a laughingstock, now their forces have many nations worried.

Vietnamese defense officials visit US carrier
09:27′ 23/04/2009 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – Officials of the Vietnamese Defence Ministry on April 22 paid a first-ever visit to a US aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), one of the biggest US Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, which anchored in East Sea international waters around 250 miles to the south of Vietnam’s Con Dao Island….

That’s not from some western wire service, that is a quote from Vietnamese state media. The Paracel and Spratly island chains are contested by Vietnam and China. Both island chains are next to the borders of both nations. Both island chains may be rich in natural resources (oil). When it comes to their borders Russia and China don’t fool around. So some 30 years after the Vietnam War, officials from Hanoi visit and American warship.

Down under, Australia and New Zealand are reacting too:

Closer relationship for NZ and Aust militaries

CANBERRA – New Zealand and Australia will draw into a much closer defence relationship in a bid to deal with emerging crises in the Pacific.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp has already held discussions with transtasman counterpart Joel Fitzgibbon on moves that Australia’s new defence white paper says should integrate the two militaries “in the Anzac tradition”.

Hope and Change? More warm and fuzzy “peacekeeping”? No, I think that our military’s decline and the gun shy administration have something to do with it.

“The pace, scope and structure of China’s military modernisation have the potential to give its neighbours cause for concern if not carefully explained, and if China does not reach out to others to build confidence regarding its military plans..… A potential contraction of US strategic presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with a requirement for allies and friends to do more in their own regions, would adversely affect Australian interests, regional stability and global security.”.Sydney Morning Herald quotes an Australian government report.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Saturday: “Some have argued that in the global economic recession we should reduce defense spending to ease the pressure on the budget. But the government believes the opposite to be true. In a period of global instability Australia must invest in a strong, capable and well resourced defense force.”– “A Pacific warning” WSJ.com

Every time I tried to explain our treaty obligations to friends, fellow college students and even yes, fellow soldiers, all I got was grief. “Why don’t those other countries fight? They did noting to me, why should I go?” and the ever popular “I don’t care about (fill in the country/conflict/crisis).” For all the left’s nostalgia for Vietnam, the fact that they reached out to us says that the world has changed (and not for the better). Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand are afraid. Afraid of cruise missiles, fights and ballistic missiles hitting them as the dragon roars.

Twenty years ago this would have been laughable. In five to ten years, with out our help, a “crisis” in the Pacific involving China will be a curbstomp.

In Israel, the left is starting to wake up (unlike America).

In a 2007 essay, Morris, a professor of history at Ben-Gurion University, imagined a “second holocaust”: nuclear-tipped Iranian missiles raining down on Haifa and Tel Aviv. “A million or more Israelis … will die immediately,” he predicted.

That is not the sort of language one expects from an icon of the left and an intellectual lodestar for supporters of the Palestinians. But Morris, 60, like much of the Israeli left, has grown ever more cynical about the prospects for a two-state solution and for peace.


Iran will not stop until Israel is gone. The blood thirsty thugs in charge of the Palestinian Authority will not stop until the streets run red with blood.

“And reconciliation with the Palestinians is starting to seem like a dream from a bygone era, even to Morris. ‘Talk to any Palestinian; they don’t know about the Jewish past, and Jewish suffering doesn’t interest them,” he says. “They believe that Jews have no legitimate right [to] be here.’

BTW: “IAEA Reports Weapons-Grade Uranium Found in Egypt

As a clouds gather on the horizon, most are getting ready for rain.

Here in America, the left says “Rain? what rain?”

Diplomacy? What about it? Diplomacy only works when both sides share values, goals and morals. Against those ruled by greed, hatred and ambition diplomacy is useless. They will fight on the battlefield while we talk. Their rage knows no bounds.

“In a recent article in Foreign Policy, Washington Post journalist David Ignatius bewailed his inability to function effectively as a “moderator” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Islamic officials once again took the opportunity to blame Israel and America for the Arab’s failure to create peaceful and prosperous societies….
David Ignatius’ effort to moderate between bullies and their intended victim blew up in his face in Davos, and now he is intellectually disenchanted with the prospects for moderation in the Middle East. But unfortunately for the Israelis, if things blow up in their faces, it means bloody war, not intellectual disenchantment. ” (American Thinker)

Sadly, their are many more on the left still dreaming. To them it’s all our fault. If only the wast was supprotive, if only we did not aid Isreal, if only we could force Isreal to make peace, if only Taiwan could coincide to China, if only the asian nations would seek peace and not wake the dragon… It’s all denial of the real world.

As the American Thinker piece above says “The price of denial is death.”

Condi Rice pwns a bleeding heart liberal, but it takes a UK newspaper to notice it:

Welcome to the Real World…

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    Again, keep up the suburb work!
    Aaron Myers

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