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War and Peace: The sorry ‘Story of Stuff’, hateraide and other bullpucky

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I took several education classes in college. How teachers present information frames how students think about it. Most children will just absorb uncritically information given to them by adults. Critical thinking skills only set during the late teenage years.

Which is why I am very angry about this tripe:

NYTimes Celebrates America Hating Kids Enviro Video
By Warner Todd Huston
A new propaganda video created by an extreme environmental activist is making its way into America’s classrooms and The New York Times loves the whole idea. Enviro obsessive Annie Leonard, Greenpeace member and activist, has created a 20 minute video filled with anti-capitalist, anti-American propaganda to encourage kids to eschew “stuff,” calling the presentation “The Story of Stuff.”

The film is the usual left/commie talking points: the military consumes to much money, capitalism is hurting the poor, industry is killing the planet…etc….ad nausea.
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