War and Peace: The sorry ‘Story of Stuff’, hateraide and other bullpucky

I took several education classes in college. How teachers present information frames how students think about it. Most children will just absorb uncritically information given to them by adults. Critical thinking skills only set during the late teenage years.

Which is why I am very angry about this tripe:

NYTimes Celebrates America Hating Kids Enviro Video
By Warner Todd Huston
A new propaganda video created by an extreme environmental activist is making its way into America’s classrooms and The New York Times loves the whole idea. Enviro obsessive Annie Leonard, Greenpeace member and activist, has created a 20 minute video filled with anti-capitalist, anti-American propaganda to encourage kids to eschew “stuff,” calling the presentation “The Story of Stuff.”

The film is the usual left/commie talking points: the military consumes to much money, capitalism is hurting the poor, industry is killing the planet…etc….ad nausea.

Mrs. Leonard begins her video with her friends. say she should describe the United States by using the symbol of a tank because “it’s true in many countries and increasingly in our own.” Why is a tank? “Because “more than 50% of our federal tax money is going for our military.” She then uses the capital and a person because she says that she believes “the United States should still be of the people, by the people and for the people.”

50%? Lets see.

U.S. Federal Spending FY 2008

U.S. Federal Spending FY 2008

That pie chart is from this Wikipedia link, I get 21% of the budget. 4.06% of our GDP .  A far cry from the “50%”. Most of that is personnel, not weapons. Those of us in uniform get health care, dental care and paid leave. So do our families. It takes seven soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen to support every soldier you see with a rifle, two boots and a ruck. But she does not care. We are just aliens to her. The “buy the people” crack is aimed at the military. To the left, we are a foreign body. They don’t understand why we fight, that peace comes from the barrel of a gun. Explaining that would be useless.

I am an American Soldier.
I am a Warrior and a member of a team.
I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values.
I will always place the mission first.
I will never accept defeat.
I will never quit.
I will never leave a fallen comrade.
U.S. Soldier’s Creed, first seven lines.

Click on the whole link, we do serve the people.

The inane video says that government’s job is to “take care of us.” By that she advocates more socialist handouts and government control (ironic, because the military is part of the government). But according to the “Story of Stuff” we exploit the third world in get our “stuff” (mostly by the military).

Here is the military taking care of Iraq, that country we liberated ya’know:

The rest of the video is a slam at capitalism. It’s a long diatribe on how the US is killing the planet. With all this talk about “balance” and “fairness” I’ll let Penn and Teller answer Mrs. Leonard:

(there is more on youtube of course, but this is just a tease).

In short, a lot of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra is propaganda. Yes resources are finite. But the U.S. and American corporations are not the fat cats (portrayed in the movie as fat men with dollar signs on their bellies), they have helped many nations. Government is not under their absolute control, yet.

But that does not stop the big lie. The problem with the big lie is…

But thinking with your *heart*, the truthiness of the message, that is what this stupid video is about. Scaring children. That rankles me the most. Teachers abusing their authority to brainwash children. After being shown the video in class, one child is quoted in the NY tiems sotry as being afraid of Legos because stuff is “harming the planet”. *Shudder* If that had been a conservative video, the “sleeper” hit would have been pulled from the classroom and the teacher fired.

But under the new regime, hatred runs free. Wanda Sykes calls for Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys to fail, calls him the “20th Hijacker” and gets laughs. Even the British press don’t find her funny (h/t Powerline). One line nite joke writer believes that Obama is “too damn competent” to be made fun of, American Thinker disagrees.

The re-education continues, hate marches on.


3 Responses to “War and Peace: The sorry ‘Story of Stuff’, hateraide and other bullpucky”

  1. The definitive critique to the Story of Stuff:

    • She wasn’t implying that the military is full of mean men, or that the government needs to run our lives. All she was saying is that we spend too much on our military which I think we do. We have warehouses full of tanks and munitions that will never see battle. This benefits defense contractors at the expense of everyone else. The government provides us with a police force, a fire department, public schools, social security, and medicare for our elderly. They could do better but we just can’t privatize all of that.

      It wasn’t propaganda. It’s the truth. We use too many resources, we outsource it to the third world. Bad system.

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