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War and Peace: Missing the Target

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The world trembles in fear of North Korea, yet the signs were always there:

In October 2006, North Korea witnessed the incredible diplomatic success it could reap from belligerence. Its first nuclear test brought resumption of the six-party talks, which gave Kim Jong Il cover to further advance his nuclear program.

Now, Kim is poised to succeed again by following precisely the same script. In April, Pyongyang launched a Taepodong-2 missile, and National Security Council official Gary Samore recently confirmed that a second nuclear test is likely on the way. The North is set to try two U.S. reporters for “hostile acts.” The state-controlled newspaper calls America “a rogue and a gangster.” Kim recently expelled international monitors from the Yongbyon nuclear complex. And Pyongyang threatens to “start” enriching uranium — a capacity it procured long ago.

— John Bolton
20 May 2009, the Wall Street Journal Online

Five days later the North Koreans did it.

Time and again, warnings about the real world seem to slip through the media’s fingers.
China’s new anti-ship ballistic missile is dismissed by War is Boring. “China has every right to defend itself, and to influence its waters and its neighbors.” quips David Axe. Yet CBS News headlines the threat of china using these missiles to attack all shipping in the missile’s “1,500 km+ range could hold ships at risk in a large maritime area, far beyond Taiwan into the Western Pacific. ”

Iran tested a new missile, putting hundreds of cities at risk. The media’s take before the launch? More talking points from “experts” about how such primitaves missiles could never be launched by Iran, yet so advanced that the US could never stop one. Yet Iran’s new Sejjil-2 missile puts these cities in its range:

  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Athens, Greece

Ironic given European opposition to missile defense.

All the stories articles forget that defense and offense are what keeps these missiles and the countries that build them, at bay.

The time for diplomacy is over. North Korea, Iran and even China see the US as a paper tiger. Trying to treat them as states or parties we can deal with is fruitless. North Korea is a failed state clinging to life by acting out and threatening the west. Even Esquire, that bastion of “blame America-first”ism admits that diplomacy has failed (a rare ray of light in the media). Yet many countries continue to insist on diplomacy. It worked so well that Iran tested its missile. And China? The chess masters there are on our side for now, but they see a gunshy west that (in their eyes) would not go to war over Taiwan or the other nations in the Pacific.

Just remember…missile defense remains unproven. However, when it comes to diplomacy, especially ‘smart’ and ‘tough’ diplomacy, everyday is a new day. Ace Of Spades.

Without a strong America, expect to see more nukes. With out missile defense, expect to see Iran and North Korea jerking the world’s markets around as they threaten country after country. The media is gaga over small-wars and terrorism. But armies are not going out of style, WMD is not out of style. The game has changed, there are some new rules, but many of the old players are still there. They care more about the battlefield or how their show of force plays in the media than any empty UN resolution.

The left and the media? Looking in the wrong direction:

  1. Calling John Bolton crazy for talking about North Korea, five days before the nuclear test.
  2. Claiming that Iran’s leaders don’t want nuclear weapons.
  3. After the North Korea nuke test, the left tries a little CYA to minimize the danger.

We cannot let 9/10 thinking dominate our foreign policy. They talk and talk in hope of avoiding war. But the resolutions, the treaties, the rhetoric, it’s all in vain. Without the United States standing for something, willing to put steel on target, we will get war not peace.