Chew On This: Old books, Government in Action and some Liquid

Tasty Links and the 60th Anniversary of 1984:

  1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell upheld by the US Supreme Court. (CNN)
  2. Six Shriners hospitals may close (CNN)
  3. Two US journalists get 12 years in a North Korean Prison, “smart diplomacy” at work. (FoxNews)
  4. Steven Colbert is in Iraq. Truthiness in action. (Fox News)
  5. Gov’t officals back off and quit harassing a pastor. He is now allowed to hold bible study classes in his home. (SondraK)
  6. Oh Noes! The Treasury Bond Market is taking a beating Jammiewearing fool breaks down the T-Bill beatdown. (CNBC, Jammiewearingfool)
  7. Famous Fakes
  8. Why Detroit is such a mess. (The Economist)
  9. Even the Fed is scared of the ballooning debt. (Powerline)
  10. The Chrysler sale to Fiat may be fishy. At least a Supreme Court Justice thinks so. (Newsbusters & Ace O’ Spades)
  11. For a long tome written back in the 1930’s, Rand’s book sure is popular today. (Dr. Helen)
  12. Speaking of popular books, Orwell’s 1984 is also becoming popular.(Michelle Malkin)
  13. Little Green Footballs with two overlooked stories: while Obama Worship approaches critical mass, Lebanon’s Pro-Western Parties are winning elections, but our Obamedia won’t report it!
  14. New Scientist explains why curve balls are so hard to hit.
  15. A-1 Skyraider vs. MiG-17, prop plane vs. jet. CMDR Salamander shows why American courage beats Commie’s every time.
  16. Health Insurance Companies want you to smoke (Sci-Am)
  17. According to CNN, Iranians wat peace with the US. I’ll believe it when I see fewer missiles pointed at the free world.

And now some liquid:


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