Air Defense History: The MIM-23 HAWK missile » 800px-Hawk_rada_hpir

High power illuminator/tracker radar

MIM-23 Hawk HPIR : Gunnery Sergeant (GYSGT) H. Gray and GYSGT L. Reid of Marine Air Control Squadron Two operate a Hawk surface-to-air missile high power illuminator/tracker radar during Operation KERNAL BLITZ.


4 Responses to “800px-Hawk_rada_hpir”

  1. Gunny needs a hair cut

  2. Gary Sunby Says:

    Wow. Was teaching Nike Ajax computers when I re-enliseedt for HAWK in 1959. Spent 20 years with the system. Went from E-1 to E-7 to CWO3 when I retired in “79 w/23 years svc. Yes, I remember electron tubes, does anyone remember the TSQ-38?

  3. Bill Banks Says:

    I was at c 2/62 from 72-75 . Any one else during that time. Great unit and served with great guys

  4. Richard Zimmerman Says:

    I worked on the AN/TSQ-38 from 1975 thru 1980, 3 yrs. in Germany and the rest of the time in Ft. Bliss. From 1980 -1983, I worked with the AN/TQS-73 system. I remember modifying the cards for the TSQ-36 with 2n2222 to replace the point contact transistors.
    Wish I had my old repair manuals for the 38. would love to flip thru them again.

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