Air Defense History: The MIM-23 HAWK missile » image1309

US Army diagram of the HAWK system in action

Figure 34 shows how the Hawk missile system functions. The system detects targets using CWAR (1). Target data are also provided from outside the system through a data link from the battalion FDC. Target data are fed to the PCP (2). The PCP provides a means of target display, IFF challenge and display, and target assignment. The TCO in the PCP selects the target for engagement and assigns the target to his fire control section. The HIPIR (3) tracks the target and provides a reference signal to the missile. After launch, the missile homes on the target by continuously comparing the transmitted signal from the HIPIR with the reflected signal from the target. Using this information to make continuous adjustments in its course, the Hawk missile flies a proportional navigation course to the intercept point (4).

5 Responses to “image1309”

  1. Robert J. Boone sp4 Says:

    Anybody out there that servered with me in Korea 71 to 72?

  2. Robert Davies Says:

    what does it mean “reference signal for the missile”?

    what kind of information it transmits to the missile via this signal and what for?

  3. Thomas Perusi Says:

    I served in Kitzengen Germany 1976 to 1979 as a 24g20 Icwar and ICC IFF radar tech. I was first wondering if anyone was their during my time I knew and if anyone has any weird health problems like soft tissue as in Disks in your spine and tendons problems or nerve damage. I have had 14 surgeries since my service days and they can not find out what caused all this stuff. I thought maybe being microwaved by these radars for years could be the answer. I heard from another vet that brought me to this and just looking for anyone else who may have had things happen they can’t explain. Tom Perusi E-5

  4. David Stansell Says:

    I served with “C” btry,3rd msl,7th arty in Bamberg, Germany from Sept. 1963-to March 1966. Looking for Jerry Thompson who served with me. He was from OKlahoma. Contact me if you were there during my time.

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