Chew on this: Strykers, health care and Dream Cars

Tasty links, Deloreans and a phony vet club gets a beatdown:

  1. VoteVets: not about Vets, and not about voting for them, This ain’t Hell exposes their agenda.
  2. ArmyofDude: more Strykers on the way. Gee, and here I thought that the Strykers sucked? Isn’t that right POGO?
  3. CDR Salamander’s Fullbore Friday: A man jumps a barbwire fence and becomes an icon of hope during the cold war.
  4. So much for hope and change: Ace of Spades reports that the Administration’s agenda is on life support.
  5. “SSG Sean Samaroo Receives Silver Star For His Actions At The Battle Of Wanat, Afghanistan”; Tankerbabe posts a link to a hero of not only receiving a medal, but a range at Fort Jackson is named after that battle.
  6. Georiga, home of Fort Stuart and Fort Benning, is not getting any love from this administration: Chickenhawk Express (h/t: This Ain’t Hell)
  7. Jawa Report: Smoking dope is bad for you. That explains a lot about the American left.
  8. Guess who voted against supporting Iran: Uncle Ron, the bigots pal.
  9. Attack of the Bridezilla: Pujiba brings teh crazy brides and the weddings they commit.
  10. two from Agent Bedhead: Pixar film Up! brings hope to a girl with cancer and Anonymous fights the Iranian regime.
  11. Iraqi’s back the Iranian revolution: Gateway Pundit
  12. Some thoughts on Iran from Brad.

And now a DMC:
John Delorean made a classic car, lost his fortune and inspired the public imagination. His story is the basis of an album and three movies. Neon Neon dedicated their album “Stainless Style” to him:

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