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War and Peace: Iran and the Left

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I was wondering why the left in America is so quite on the Revolution in Iran:

The American Left consistently comes down on the wrong side of history. Proof? How about the Code Pink press release from Friday;

CODEPINK calls on the Obama Administration to fulfill its commitment to pursue diplomacy with Iran through face-to-face talks without preconditions; as Obama promised during his campaign, “We should not just talk to our friends, we should be willing to engage our enemies as well. That is what diplomacy is all about.” CODEPINK also affirms the Obama administration’s decision to withhold comment on the Iranian election and its government’s decisions around conducting a recount or reelection.

Emphasis is mine. In other words, Code Pink supports the mullahs on their continued murder of gays and stoning of women as well as the current atrocities on the streets of Iranian cities. Peace at any cost.

This Ain’t Hell quotes a Code Pink Press Release.

It seems that the left can’t let go of the Bush years. Others point out that without our support of pro-western movements and governments we get things that are worse. Latin American, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, it’s the same story: commies, fascists and religious fanatics come in, overthrow the government at things get worse.

Why does the left love these guys? Mostly because of Marxism. They somehow see these clowns as the “people’s movement”, overthrowing unpopular western-supported regimes. It’s all supposed to be sweetness and light once the dictators is overthrown and the imperialist powers (read the US) are kicked out.

The truth is that most revolutions swapped one tyrant for another. Iran has the Shah, installed by the CIA (yes it’s true) . His attempts at a secular Iran were done by force. His secret police were very brutal. With military hardware supplied by the US, he stayed in power until forced out in the 1970’s. The religious leaders who led the revolution destroyed many of the secular institutions except the secret police. Keeping oil wealth for themselves, the Mullahs used a newer meaner secret police to brutalize the populace. Women, gays and anyone too “western” get stoned, hung or worse. Instead of a Shah hording wealth and power, the revolution now has many Mullahs hoarding wealth and power among them.

A vile strain now common among radical Muslims and the left is anti-semitism. Jew hatred has the Mullahs denouncing the “Zionist media” for the green revolution in the streets. The left chimes in. They blame American corporations and the government, but how controls them? You guessed it the Jews. Israel/the CIA/the Jewish lobby etc. Of course radical muslims nod in agreement

The biggest disappointment with the left is that they are not really saying anything new. Marxism is a failed ideology, a parasite on western civilization. History repudiated Marx when the Iron Curtain fell. Yet most of the anti-war movements are lead by communists/Marxists. No real change in the core philosophy. The hatred of Jews goes hand in hand with the elitist background of most of those east coast liberals. They came from backgrounds that hated eastern Europeans and Jews. They rationalize it by talking about “imperialism” and “suffering” of the Palestinians, but it’s the same ol’ bigotry.

Unlike many Middle eastern nations, Israel is a democracy with true equal rights for Arabs, Jews, Gays, and other minorities. Tell that to the left. They want us to make peace with nations like Iran or Saddam-Era Iraq. They kill their own people. They start wars with impunity. Think the US likes to start wars? During the Cold War, the USSR gave away tons of equipment to the Arab states to destroy Israel. Up to and including ballistic missiles. US support for Israel was always controversial here, the USSR just gave it away without a thought.

Mostly, the situation in Iran, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan expose the empty hollow shell that is the left. They want centralized power, they want more control. That’s what leftist dictatorships abroad have. Total control with vicious attempts to fight of civilization. Not globalization (there is no such animal).

As barriers fall and people see freedom in action, they want it. Blue jeans, rock and roll and freedom of expression. For most youngsters today, wars like Vietnam, the Iran-Iraq war, and the revolutions are far away. The calls to revolution mean noting while the people are poor and freedoms are few.

The left wants to prop up the Potemkin villages and paper over the crushing oppression. They see total control and want it.

CODEPINK denounces Obama plan for Afghanistan
Calls for reallocation of war funds in American needs, rapid withdrawal, diplomacy

WASHINGTON — At a time of sky-high unemployment, rising cost of living and lower wages, and outrageous corporate bail-outs and bonuses, CODEPINK Women for Peace condemns President Obama’s announced plan today on Afghanistan, which will continue to drain billions from on our economy, further destabilize the Middle East and Central Asia, and threaten worldwide security. CODEPINK calls for a reallocation of war funds into the needs of the American people: health care, education and infrastructure, a rapid withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the closing of bases, and tireless diplomatic engagement with Afghan and Pakistan governments.

Never mind that the Taliban (like Iran only worse) sheltered terrorists, blew up girls schools and threw acid on a girl with the gall to learn to read. They have even begun to profit from the drug trade over there. Health care? Even the left won’t use the “universal health care” they keep pitching.

Every leftist “people’s revoltuion”, every radical Islamist revolt simply changes the dictators under the guise of freedom. Sadly, like the those revolutions, the left paints itself as a beautiful princess when she’s really a common whore.

And then I saw the end of the war. I saw us pull out, and then I saw the communists move in and slaughter 2 1/2 million people in South Vietnam and Cambodia. And I saw the left that had precipitated this turn away, just walk away from it. … They didn’t take seriously the blood that they had been directly causing. And it didn’t – but I must say programming is very, very deep. And I didn’t really pull out of it for quite a while afterward. But that’s where the dime dropped and things started to happen. And then I , you know, then 9/11, of course.
John Voight