Chew on this: Vs.

Tasty links :

  1. Who would you want working for the government: An evangelical Christian or a man who suggests “Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods “?(Michelle Malkin)
  2. Gee, Obamacare is not going well. It seems that the people don’t want to be taxed to death to pay for less health care (Pundit & Pundette, Patterico)
  3. Fighting two wars? That’s like, so 2001. (Neptunus Lex)
  4. Three from Jawa: Hamas blames Israel for spiked chewing gum, China jails jurnos over ibloody riots between the Uighurs and the Hans and the corrupt politicians (D) prove money talks.
  5. Coasties first drug bust in mulit-million dollar cutter. (Warisboring)
  6. There are many links pro and con on the F-22 this is one of them (Defense Tech)
  7. Bush on tape more popular than Obama live (h/t: Confederate Yankee)
  8. PowerPoint kills brain cells. (h/t:Defense Tech)

Take your daughter to the Rave day:


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