War and Peace: Missile Defense on the Brink

While the left in government fiddle with health care Rome is burning. We are told that defense cuts are for our own good.

Yet over 1,000 missile defense workers just got their pink slips:

“Our hearts and compassion certainly go out to our employees” and others affected by the layoffs, [Boeing VP Tony Jones] said Thursday.

In a statement, Boeing said layoff notices will be issued to about 250 employees working in GMD [Ground-based Midcourse Defense, i.e. long-range ICBM interceptors]at various locations, including Alabama, Alaska, California and Colorado. They are to receive an official 60-day advance notice today, but Jones said it won’t be a surprise.

“We’ve talked to all of our employees,” he said. “We’ve done a lot of work” to try and minimize the impact, find jobs in other programs for as many as possible and provide other assistance.

The cuts are part of 1,000 jobs Boeing’s Integrated Defense Systems said this week it plans to eliminate at various locations because of changes in defense spending.
Huntsville Times, quoted by Closing Velocity.

The multiple kill vehicle, KEI and Airborne laser got the ax as well. They would have added to our growing missile defense. These patriots reward for serving their country as opposed to Wall Street? Getting bounced out on their butts in the midst of the worst economy since 1929.
Once this expertise is gone its gone forever, we just can dust it off or turn it back on. Only in the movies does some mothballed airplane or missile get a second chance.

The cuts of the Clinton and Carter years ate at our military. Both times retention, maintenance and combat performance fell because the doves and accountants in Congress wanted to save a few pennies. They hate a strong America and/or want to spend money on other programs. They had their chance. Ever since the 1960’s we’ve heard the refrain “A nation that can go to the moon…” (fill in the socialist pipe dream of your choice).

We don’t need universal anything. They had their chance, the “Great Society” was made of EPIC FAIL. Socialism is a joke. The European countries of NATO are just now facing a world where they have to step up to the plate and they are having trouble.

Our enemies are upgrading, our gear is wearing out but the “peace at any price” crowd want to gut our military. In. A. Time. Of. War. Even Wired magazine has to admit that missile defense works.

Change indeed.

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