6 months

Health care. It seemed so simple during the campaign, make promises about universal health care, make campaign ads, win then pass legislation.

Ask former president Bill Clinton. It seems that the Obama Administration is following his playbook. Meeting in secret with lobbyists (and paying them with the funds from the legislation) and pushing through a huge government program that would place 1/7 of our economy under government control. GOP string up trouble? Silence them. Forbid them from saying “government run health care” in mailing to their constituents.

But then it all comes crashing down. Clinton’s Waterloo was the “Harry and Louise” ads from the insurance industry. They built up support against his proposals (Ironically those actors are in ads supporting “Obamacare” today). For the left and it’s masterminds in the Whitehouse and Congress the following spells doom:

  1. Pro-Obamacare rally is outnumbered by Tea-Party protesters, who despite 3rd grade taunts, hold their own.
  2. Democrat eats Democrat over the costs and details on Obamacare.
  3. Sinking poll numbers, even after a prime time press conference.
  4. People -gasp!- asking hard questions of talking back to their Congressmen
  5. Not enough votes to pass any legislation, despite what San Fran Nan says.

Advocating euthanasia, rationing and other radical pogroms based on leftist dogma does not endear you to the average American.

“Two Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are confirming reports that the health care restructuring bill the House is currently considering promotes euthanasia. A leading patients rights advocate is worried about the effects of the legislation.”–Gatewaypundit quotes Lifeline News.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
“Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking the pain killer..”
He didn’t really say that, did he? I must say I was appalled when watching this ABC news clip of Obama making this ludicrous statement to the daughter of a now 105-year-old woman who needed a pacemaker (she needed the surgery at 99). — Dr Helen

Ouch, to her face even. Anyway, the Administration and the loony left misread the public. This bill/proposal/campaign promise was supposed to bring costs down. The poor would have health insurance. We woulnd not have to chose between pills or food. No more sob stories. Universal coverage etc. etc. But paying for this pipe dream is another matter.

President Obama premised the need for reform on the claim that medical costs are destroying the economy. True. But now we learn — surprise! — that universal coverage increases costs. The congressional Democrats’ health-care plans, says the CBO, increase costs on the order of $1 trillion plus.–Krauthammer: Why Obamacare Is Sinking h/t LGF

Costs go up, that’s why we’re getting this “end of life counseling” BS aimed at us. They will tax us and balance the health budget on Gran-Grans casket. By delaying procedures, they hope to save a buck now. Of curse that just makes the diseases more expensive and costs mucho bucks later, but you are not supposed to know that. They trot out the insurance horror stories and make stuff up just to scare you into pleading for government intervention. People are seeing trhough this ruse and refusing to drink the Obamacare kool-aid.

However, the recent media attention focused on Sara Palin and “Skip” Gates shows that the media has gargled and drank it. Gov. Palin leaves office and the media won’t stop talking about her. As the people soured on socialism, the media seemed to focus on a former governor who lost as opposed to a President who won.

A professor at an elitist university back talks campus police when confronted. I don’t care if it was at his own home, you never sass a cop. That makes them assume you’re dangerous and/or up to no good. Why does a President need to weight in on the matter? The police department stands by their officer, who is far from a “rogue cop”. It seems that the professor is a very rich man with friends in powerful places and able to garner attention of the national media. I guess some in the administration thought that any attention would be a good distraction from the health care mess.

Now I know some of you out there who read this blog argue that we need the government. “Obscene” profits are hurting the average person and the big evil corporations [tm] are making us sick/denying care/etc.


We have government health care already: “The Shape of Things to Come?” (via: In From The Cold)

To be fair, many military doctors and treatment facilities have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. The Air Force mobile hospital at Balad AB near Baghdad has saved literally thousands of wounded troops; many go on to state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers in the U.S. that have produced their own share of miracles.

But talk to anyone who’s served in the military for any length of time, and you’ll hear horror stories about a system that is often inadequate. In some cases, base pharmacies don’t stock the latest medicines due to cost. Advanced medical treatment is also difficult to obtain; the only transplants conducted at military hospitals are kidney transplants, a procedure that was only offered decades after their introduction at civilian facilities.

In one example, a retired NCO was told his severe chest pain was nothing but “indigestion,” and sent home. He died hours later of a massive heart attack. At the same military hospital, a woman complaining of low back pain was given Motrin and told to “rest.” Two weeks later, she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. The Air Force doctor who made the original, mistaken diagnosis was later reassigned to administrative duties, not as a result of the mistake, but because the service couldn’t confirm that the man (who was born overseas) had actually graduated from medical school.

If you want a taste of nationalized health care, just take a look at the military medical system. Some of us have seen the future–or Barack Obama’s version of our medical future–and it isn’t pretty.

The left may try to paper over it, deny it or distract us, but they want to destroy the village in order to save it.

You’ve had over sixty years. You promised, promised us that you could deliver health care, end war and make the world a better place. You failed. You failed in the 60’s and 70’s, you failed during the entire Cold War, you failed with Hillary Care and the terrorist threats of the 90’s and you are failing again. The more things change…

I’m just surprised that it’s only 6 months into a new administration.

3 Responses to “6 months”

  1. Here’s the thing about military medicine, particularly the Army. They excel at shock-trauma. No one in the world is better at keeping you alive when you’ve been shot, burned, or blasted.

    But that’s a small part of the healthcare equation. Think of this, virtually every story we’ve seen in the press over the last few years concerning Walter Reed or other military care facilities has focused on the shortcomings in follow-up care for wounded troops.

    The resources and expertise to provide intensive and lengthy care are just not there. And this is dealing with a population that is overall in fundamentally better underlying health than the general population.

    Trying to model government healthcare after military medical care would be a failure. For one thing, the military screens out people that have systemic or congenital health issues. Military healthcare is geared to maintaining an already healthy population. Civilian healthcare is geared toward a customer service model, meeting the needs and desires of people that may have pre-existing conditions, or live unhealthy lifestyles, or be genetically predisposed to poor health.

  2. chockblock Says:

    Good points Brad, but sadly the left and the cold-hearted accountants, would “screen” out people like my spouse because of “poor health”.

    The elderly, the disabled and those with termianl conditions would be rationed away under obamacare.

  3. But I’m sure she’d get some nice end-of-life counseling…

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