Single Payer crash and burn Re: 6 months

As the socialized medicine goes down in flames, fingers are being pointed:

While viewers may seize upon numbers that indicate the size and scope of reforming health care — 47 million uninsured Americans or costs in the trillion-dollar range — most eyes glaze over when terms like “public option” or “bundled payments” get tossed around on the air.

“It’s not only not a cable TV-friendly story; it’s not a journalism-friendly story,” said John Harwood, chief Washington correspondent for CNBC.

Harwood, also a political writer for The New York Times, explained that reporters need to first understand the intricacies and nuances of health care policy before they can then try getting the story across to viewers and readers. Last week, Harwood said, he was “trying to get [his] head around the issue of cost control” before penning a Times column.
Health care talk sinks Obama press conference ratings (h/t: Patterico)

Translation: you rubes should let your betters plan your future. Despite jacking up costs with a shell game designed to hide the bill, scary polices denying coverage and a bill no one has yet to read, you should let the left vote for it anyway!

Yet another right winger:

See, Noah Logue is a deaf. You see, Emanuel, an advisor to the president
” believes that “communitarianism” should guide decisions on who gets care. He says medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled.
. Does this remind you of anything? No wonder Mr. Logue fired back.

BTW: the costs, dear God the costs of this nightmare:

Spending vs. Taxes for Single Payer

Spending vs. Taxes for Single Payer

Source: CBO calls a TKO on the House health bill; (h/t: Hotair)

Ace o’ Spades quotes polls showing undecided voters at 35% in favor and 60%. opposed. Only 16% of them strongly favor the legislative effort while 47% strongly Oppose.

The media is in the tank for this administration, some even admit that they are no longer objective. The public can see through the BS and are now “speaking truth to power.”

As single payer burns, the fingers are being pointed to cover up the shameful bigotry and Eron-esque accounting that will ruin 1/7th of our economy.

America is waking up and they don’t like the change.

One Response to “Single Payer crash and burn Re: 6 months”

  1. 1/7th is an understatement. The number is currently even greater than that, and of course the costs are going up quickly.

    But, of course, Obama is going to print enough money to buy us everything we need.

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