Hot Crew! : Adora BatBrat

Their are many Goths on the interwebs. Any girl with black, blue, or blood red hair & nails, a Hot Topic discount card and a webcam can drum up google hits. Others sleep their way to success (I’m looking at you Dita Von Teese).

In the vast sea of black hair dye, a goddess emerges: Adora BatBrat. The alter-ego of Ann-Sophie Wimmerstedt, she’s witty, disarmingly cute, a model and a mom to boot. She warms up many a cold night in her native Sweden.

And she has a Youtube Channel:

2 Responses to “Hot Crew! : Adora BatBrat”

  1. This is the sweetest anyone has ever written about me ❤ Thank's! You put a BIG smite on my face. Love, A

  2. chockblock Says:

    You’re welcome.

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